Adoptions mark Winnipeg Doggie Dates program as ‘wildly successful’: organizers

Organizers of a new program where Winnipeggers can take a dog on a “date” are calling it a howling success.

It’s called Winnipeg Doggie Dates, where adoptable dogs and interested Winnipeggers are matched up.

“It’s a very innovative program that allows people to take out a dog for an afternoon, a day, a weekend or a week,” Leland Gordon of the Winnipeg Animal Services Agency said.

More than 50 dogs have been taken out by community members and 10 have already been adopted since the program began in September.

“It’s been wildly successful,” Gordon said.

Gordon said the people who commonly participate are those who aren’t sure if they want dogs, who live somewhere where pets aren’t allowed, or those who live with someone who has allergies.

“It gives homeless dogs a break from spending time in kennels, helps improve healthy living and, of course, gives our dogs exposure,” Gordon said. “We’re running into so many people in [the] community who are seeing these great dogs for adoption and maybe they never thought about adopting.

Gordon said those interested can call 311 or visit the Animal Services Agency. Interested participants will be put through a screening process and matched with a dog. There is a fee the first time, but when the dog is returned, the participant gets their money back. On any future dates, no deposit is needed because a relationship has already been established.

The agency announced Saturday that participants can now go on doggie dates inside Kildonan Place Shopping Centre.



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