Amazon driver ‘mauled to death by dog’ while delivering parcels in horror attack

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    An Amazon delivery driver was found dead after he was allegedly attacked by animals on Monday night, according to officials.

    Deputies in Missouri, US, found the body of the victim on the front garden of a house near Excelsior Springs.

    The victim's Amazon truck had been parked in front of the residence for several hours.

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    Police deputies had found two boisterous dogs near the victim's body with officers forced to shoot one of the dogs, which made its way into the house, entering through a dog door.

    Fire department officials then spotted blood on the dog door which allowed them to track the position of the dogs into the house.

    Officials then entered the house and shot and killed the two dogs, whose breed is currently unknown.

    While Ray County Sheriff's Office did not confirm the cause of death of the victim, his injuries were indeed consistent with an animal attack.

    Ray County Sheriff Scott Childers said: "Due to the fact of some of the nature of the injuries that the male driver suffered, we can't confirm nor deny if they were the cause of the death of the driver."

    The cause of death will be determined by a medical examiner with the Sheriff's Office continuing to investigate the incident.

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