Amir Khan reveals he is ‘heartbroken’ by New Zealand mosque shootings

Amir Khan reveals he is ‘heartbroken’ by New Zealand mosque shootings, saying: ‘Islamophobia kills and has no place in the world’

  • Former light-welterweight champ and devoted Muslim wrote ‘Islamophobia kills’
  • Khan, 32, tweeted to his 2.2m followers following news of the terror attacks
  • So far 49 people have been declared dead after two shootings in Christchurch
  • Shooters targeted worshippers at two mosques during Friday prayers in the city

British boxing legend Amir Khan, 32, tweeted he was ‘heartbroken’ over the attack

British boxer Amir Khan has said he has been left ‘heartbroken’ by the New Zealand terror attacks where 49 people were brutally murdered while attending mosques.

The Bolton-born athlete, who is a devout Muslim, told his 2.2 million followers on Twitter that ‘Islamophobia kills’.

Two mosques in the city on New Zealand’s South Island were attacked by white supremacist terrorists on Friday and 49 people have been declared dead.

Khan, 32, tweeted: ‘Heartbroken by the devastating news of deadly shootings at two mosques in New Zealand.

‘My heart goes out to the families of the murdered and all those impacted by this act of terror. Islamophobia kills – and has no place anywhere in the world.’ 

Imran Khan, the President of Pakistan and former first-class cricketer, retweeted the boxer, writing: ‘I blame these increasing terror attacks on the current Islamophobia post-9/11 where Islam & 1.3 bn Muslims have collectively been blamed for any act of terror by a Muslim.

‘This has been done deliberately to also demonize legitimate Muslim political struggles.’

One of the terrorist gunmen in Christchurch, who identified himself as Brenton Tarrant  stormed the Al Noor Mosque while livestreaming the event on Facebook. 

Ambulance staff take a man from outside a mosque in central Christchurch, New Zealand, Friday

  • At least 49 people are killed and 48 injured in multiple…

    ‘This appalling atrocity is an assault on all of us’: Young…

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Khan tweeted to his 2.2 million followers, condemning Islamophobia which ‘has no place anywhere in the world’

At about 1.30pm he opened fire with a semi-automatic shotgun and a rifle on some 100 defenceless worshippers attending Friday prayers.

A sickening 17-minute video of the unfolding horror shows the self-confessed white supremacist dressed in army fatigues firing mercilessly at people scrambling to flee, and calmly reloading when he runs out of bullets.

At around the same time, there was a second shooting at Masjid Mosque in Linwood, on the eastern side of city, where seven more were killed.

  • At least 49 people are killed and 48 injured in multiple…

    ‘This appalling atrocity is an assault on all of us’: Young…

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In the aftermath of the bloody terror attacks, three men and one woman were arrested, with police charging ‘one man in his late 20s’ with murder.

He is expected to face court on Saturday.

Two of the others remain in police custody, with a fourth person arrested deemed not to have been involved in the attacks.

Khan’s tweet was picked up by the President of Pakistan Imran Khan, who said 1.3 billion Muslims around the world were the subject of blame for terror attacks

Of the 49 fatalities, 41 were killed at the Al Noor Mosque and seven at the Linwood Avenue mosque, with three outside the mosque itself and a 49th dying in hospital.

A further 48 people were rushed to Christchurch Hospital with gunshot wounds, 20 in a critical condition. A dozen operating theatres were opened, with many victims required multiple life-saving surgeries.

New Zealand Police have evacuated homes in Dunedin as they investigate a home ‘of interest’ to the shootings.

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