Andrew Cuomo boasts to brother Chris 'I am the Love Gov' and says 'I’m a cool dude in a loose mood' in cringey chat

ANDREW Cuomo boasted, "I am The Love Gov," on his brother's primetime CNN show just months before he allegedly sexually harassed a female aide.

The cringey clip of the interview from April 8 last year resurfaced as Chris Cuomo told viewers on Monday night he "obviously" couldn't cover the sexual harassment claims surrounding his older brother Andrew.

The siblings regularly bantered on air last year, discussing the New York Gov's handling of the pandemic and the lack of action from the Trump administration, despite an evident conflict of interest.

"I've seen you referred to a little bit recently as the 'Love Gov' and I'm wondering if that's bleeding into your demeanor at all and making you a little soft on the President," the CNN anchor queried.

"I've always been a soft guy," The Governor responded, sporting a creepy grin. "I am the Love Gov. I'm a cool dude in a loose mood. You know that. I just say let it go. Just go with the flow baby."

The nauseating nickname somewhat foreshadowed the recent allegations against him and highlighted his laid-back attitude to his position, two weeks after the Gov's controversial directive that sent covid-positive patients into nursing homes.

"That's the first time you've said any of those things,"Chris replied. "I've known you my whole life."

They also joked Andrew was "single and ready to mingle" during another controversial interview in June.

Chris opened his 9pm show on March 1 by immediately addressing the claims against his brother and saying he cares "profoundly" about the issues brought up by the women.

"Obviously, I’m aware of what’s going on with my brother. Obviously, I cannot cover it because he is my brother. Now, of course CNN has to cover it. They have covered it extensively and they will continue to do so."

The 50-year-old was previously banned from covering stories on Andrew by the network when he joined in 2013.

However, last year the broadcasting bigwigs scrapped the rule and allowed the pair to appear together.

Chris had caught coronavirus and with New York cases leading the nation, Gov Cuomo's daily briefings were a highly-anticipated update.

Chris emphasized their familial bond during an interview in June 2020, discussing their parents upcoming anniversary and "being spawned from the same wolfpack".

He continued, "Obviously I love you as a brother, obviously I will never be objective, obviously I think you're the best politician in the country."

It comes after five of America's major broadcasting networks – ABC, CBS, CNN, NBC, and MSNBC – refrained from mentioning the sexual harassment allegations against Andrew Cuomo.

Two of the Governor's former female aides accused him of making unwanted advances, followed by a New York Times report detailing he harassed a third woman at a wedding.

Creepy comments by the third-term Governor are also being unearthed in the wake of the scandal, such as the footage of when he asked a female journalist to "eat the whole sausage."

He also told a female doctor she "makes that gown look good" while she donned PPE to conduct a coronavirus test on him last May.

The frenzy around the claims has been ignited by Andrew's apparent cover-up of data surrounding the number of nursing home deaths.

Six Democratic lawmakers from the New York State Senate and Assembly called for the impeachment of Gov Cuomo, in a joint letter obtained by Business Insider.

Governor Cuomo acknowledged in a statement that his "interactions may have insensitive or too personal" and pledged to cooperate fully in any investigations.

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