Andrew Tate, brother and two accomplices RELEASED on house arrest

Andrew Tate, his brother and two of his ‘angels’ are RELEASED on house arrest from Bucharest jail amid investigation into alleged human trafficking, rape and crime gang offences

  • Andrew Tate was initially arrested on December 29 along with brother Tristan
  • Two Romanian women Luana Radu and Georgina Naghel were also arrested
  • All four had bail application rejected this week but appeal was successful 

Andrew Tate, his brother and two of his ‘angels’ have been released on house arrest from a Romanian jail amid an ongoing investigation into alleged human trafficking, rape and crime gang offences.

Tate, 36, was arrested on December 29 in Bucharest along with Tristan and two Romanian women – Luana Radu, 32, and Georgina Naghel, 28 – on suspicion of several offences and forming an organised crime group to exploit victims.

Earlier this month, all four appeared at a bail hearing which Tate hoped would result in him being released from prison and placed under house arrest after nearly three months behind bars. 

That bail application was rejected by a judge on Wednesday and all four appealed the decision. 

Today, the Court of Appeal in Bucharest ruled that the brothers and two accomplices would be released from prison and be placed under house arrest, Tate’s spokesman told MailOnline.

Andrew Tate, his brother and two alleged female accomplices have been released on house arrest from a Bucharest jail amid an ongoing investigation into alleged human trafficking, rape and crime gang offences. Pictured: The Tate brothers on March 28

Tate’s alleged accomplices Georgiana Naghel (left) and Luana Radu (right), have also been released from prison and will be under house arrest 

All four have been ordered to stay in the building where they live, unless granted permission to leave by the courts. 

Earlier today, Tate wrote on social media: ‘In the end, we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends.’ 

Model Naghel – one of the pair dubbed ‘Tate’s Angels’ – who is also an American citizen, is described as a businesswoman and influencer who is believed to have been dating Tate for almost a year.

Meanwhile, Radu was previously based at a police station in central Bucharest but quit the force eight years ago to pursue a career working in video chat rooms, which attract men from all over the world and have become a lucrative industry in Romania.

Tate and his brother were left ‘speechless’ by the decision to deny them bail earlier this week and were due to face another 30 days in prison on sex trafficking charges.

They were due to be remanded in custody until April 29. None of the four have been formally charged yet.

While in prison, Tate became the latest target of South Park parody in an episode featuring a ‘Romanian sex trafficker’ and ‘toxic masculinity coach’ – whose appearance bore resemblance to the toxic influencer.

Tate has responded to the clip on Twitter, writing: ‘When I will be proven innocent. I look forward to help create the greatest South Park episode of all time.’ 

Tate (pictured on January 26) and the others won their appeal to be released from prison on house arrest today

Tate, who was once kicked off Big Brother in 2016, has gained online notoriety for his shocking comments about women

Although Tate has not yet been charged, six women have been identified by prosecutors as victims.

Tate, once a kickboxer, was removed from Big Brother in 2016 over a video appearing to show him attacking a woman.

His shocking remarks on social media led to him being  temporarily banned on Twitter after he said women should ‘bear responsibility for being sexually assaulted’. 

Despite the charges against him, Tate has gained an immense following, particularly among young men.

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