Animal Rising eco-mob target Michelin restaurant in latest protest

Animal Rising eco-mob target Michelin-starred restaurant in latest protest: Activists stage ‘sit ins’ at venues serving meat across the UK as they occupy tables and refuse to leave

  • Animal Rising staged protests at six upmarket restaurants across UK yesterday
  • The group sat at dining tables and refused to leave, while holding up placards

Animal rights campaigners brought Saturday night to a standstill for many diners by staging sit-in protests at six restaurants across the UK.

Eco-warriors from Animal Rising – which has links to Just Stop Oil and Extinction Rebellion – targeted six high end restaurants in Bristol, Birmingham, Lancaster, Glasgow, Southampton and London.

Five smartly-dressed activists were arrested at the Michelin-starred Cali Bruich restaurant in Glasgow, where meals typically start at a price of £140 per person from a menu that includes pigeon, pork, squid and caviar.

The group sat down at tables – holding up placards showing conditions inside UK farms alongside a manifesto imagining a world free from animal farming.

After the activists refused to leave, police arrived at the restaurant on Glasgow’s Great Western Road and arrested them.

Animal Rising protestors staged six-in protests, including the Michelin-starred Cali Bruich in Glasgow,  occupying tables 

Animal Rising activists were pictured being detained by police at the Cali Bruich restaurant in Glasgow

Animal Rising later took to Twitter to hail the actions of those who took part.

The group stated: ‘Like you and I, these people taking action care deeply about animals, nature and the future of our planet. 

‘We must stand (or sit!) together. There is strength in numbers when calling out our destructive food system and this action was six cities strong! Animal Rising is growing faster than we could have hoped.’

Elsewhere, the group’s protest at The Cow & Sow steakhouse in Bristol followed an almost identical formula.

Daniel Juniper, 28, an early years practitioner, praised Animal Rising’s activities just a day before, when the group occupied Grange Dairy Farm in Dorset, and found nearly 1,000 calves who had been separated from their mothers, some only weeks old.

Mr Juniper said: ‘No animal deserves to be torn away from their mother and no animal deserves to be turned into a sensory pleasure for other animals.

‘So we are today disrupting The Cow & Sow in Bristol – a steakhouse with an extensive selection of meat. 

 Animal Rising activists staged protests at six restaurants across the UK, holding up placards showing conditions inside UK farms alongside a manifesto of a world free from animal farming

‘In a time where the public opinion is changing about how we view animals, this type of restaurant is outdated and destructive. 

‘So I and eight other supporters of Animal Rising are here to disrupt their Saturday night service. To sound the alarm and call for change. There is an alternative and it is kinder and loving.’

Animal Rising describes itself as a social movement to create a new relationship with all beings and give us a chance for a safe ecological future. The group primarily calls for the transition to a safe and secure plant-based food system, alongside a mass rewilding programme.

It has also promised a ‘summer of Animal Rising’ during which the group will be ‘disrupting high-profile racing events, occupying farms; openly rescuing animals; and taking action to shine a light on our animal, climate, and ecological emergencies’.

A Police Scotland spokesperson said: ‘Around 7.55pm on Saturday, 20 May, 2023, officers were called to a business address on Great Western Road, Glasgow following reports of a peaceful protest within.

‘The group were given advice and asked to leave the premises. When they refused, five people were arrested and removed.

‘Enquiries are ongoing.’

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