Animals dig up and EAT baby after the girl was buried alive in Brazil

Animals dig up and EAT newborn baby after the tiny girl was buried alive by her mother in Brazil

  • A mother has been arrested for allegedly burying her infant alive in Camocim
  • Animals are said to have dug up the baby and eaten her heart, lung and insides
  • Investigators said the 24-year-old mother had given birth in her back garden
  • Her brother followed a blood trail to the girl, surrounded by a pig and a dog 
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Animals dug up and ate a newborn baby’s insides after the tiny girl was buried alive by her mother in Brazil.

A 24-year-old mother has been arrested for burying her newborn daughter alive after giving birth in her back garden in the municipality of Camocim, in the north-eastern Brazilian state of Ceara.

Neighbours reportedly heard the baby’s cries in the garden and began looking for the child.

The mother’s brother allegedly followed a trail of blood to the burial place where a pig and a dog were surrounding the corpse. 

The police station where the 24-year-old woman was held after her dead infant was discovered, she claimed she had buried the baby thinking she had died already

Spokesman for the Centre of Forensics Examinations (PEFOCE), Antonio Veras Nogueira, said the mother had tried to hide her pregnancy before giving birth in her own back garden.

Local media say the baby was found without vital signs and had wounds seemingly inflicted by the animals eating her body.

A forensic examination has now determined that the girl died from suffocation after being buried alive and ‘was eaten by the animals after’.

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Nogueira added that ‘in the examination, the newborn no longer had viscera, nor a heart or lungs.’

The mother has been arrested and a police spokesman told local media she claims she had thought the baby had died after she stopped crying and so she buried her.

The suspect has reportedly confessed to burying the girl and says she had wanted to abort the girl as she already had two children, one of whom had been put up for adoption, and she was scared of reprisals from her family if she had a third child. 

Police are continuing their investigations in rural Camocim, in the north-eastern Brazilian state of Ceara (stock image)

Police sources said the mother had drunk boldo tea to try and abort her child. The South American herb, is seen as unsafe for pregnant women to consume. 

Abortion is illegal in Brazil except in cases where there is no other way to save the mother’s life or if the pregnancy is the result of rape.

The investigation is ongoing and it is unclear if the mother has been charged.

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