Arizona woman who went viral for smashing Target mask display blames QAnon

The wealthy Arizona PR exec who went viral for smashing a display of face masks at a Target is penning a book about her infamy — blaming her “jaw-dropping” mental breakdown on QAnon.

Melissa Rein Lively, 35, has reportedly now been seen more than 100 million times in the July videos of her wild outburst in the Scottsdale store, repeatedly swearing as she brags about “wearing a f—ing $40,000 f—ing Rolex.”

“My downfall was so spectacular . . . jaw-dropping shocking,” Lively told The Washington Post, as she revealed plans for a book about it titled, “You Can’t Cancel Me – The Story of My Life.”

“I take full accountability. I know I scared a lot of people. I know I angered a lot of people,” she said of getting a flood of death threats.

Lively said she recovered after a week-long involuntary hospitalization as well as the eight-week trauma program at Meadows, the pricey rehab-to-the-stars center in her home state.

Central to her recovery was swearing off QAnon, the conspiracy theory that alleges that the world is run by a cabal of powerful Satan-worshipping pedophiles working to undermine President Trump, who is trying to stop them.

Lively told The Washington Post that she became obsessed with the online group after 2020 left her in an “overwhelming tidal wave of loss and rage and grief and confusion” and “searching for answers.”

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