Artist to make sculpture filled with blood in protest to Prince Harry

Artist plans to project sculpture filled with the blood of Afghan people on to St Paul’s Cathedral in protest over Prince Harry’s claim that he killed 25 Taliban fighters

  • A Russian artist plans to project a sculpture of human blood onto St Paul’s
  • The move is a protest against Harry’s revelation  he killed 25 Taliban fighters 

A Russian artist has said he will create a sculpture using human blood in a protest to Prince Harry announcing that he killed 25 Taliban fighters in Afghanistan.

Andrei Molodkin plans to take blood donated by Afghans for the sculpture and project it on to St Paul’s Cathedral later this week. 

The Duke of Sussex revealed in his controversial memoir Spare earlier this year that he killed the fighters while serving in Afghanistan.

Harry referred to the Taliban members he killed in combat as ‘chess pieces’ taken off the board.

He also said that 25 was ‘not a number that fills me with satisfaction, but nor does it embarrass me’.

A Russian artist plans to project a bloody sculpture onto St Paul’s Cathedral in a protest against Prince Harry 

Harry revealed in his book earlier this year that he killed 25 Taliban fighters while fighting in Afghanistan 

The prince has attracted criticism for the revelation, including from Russian artist Mr Molodkin.

He told Sky News the remarks in Harry’s book had made him ‘very very angry.’

He also said that he planned to ‘drench St Paul’s Cathedral in the blood of the Afghani people.’

Mr Molodkin added: ‘They read they are just “chess figures”… for some prince hunting by helicopter.

‘How he told it, for him it’s like a computer game.’

The artist said that four Afghans in Calais had donated their blood for the projects and he expects five more based in the UK to do so too.

Around 1,250ml of blood will be used inside a sculpture of the royal coat of arms.

Mr Molodkin plans to project an image of the sculpture onto St Paul’s cathedral alongside a video of Prince Harry. 

Andrei Molodkin said Harry’s comments about killing Taliban fighters made him ‘very, very angry’

Mr Molodkin previously made a similar sculpture of Vladimir Putin using the blood of Ukrainian soldiers

He claimed the Afghan donors for the project were ‘very angry’ about Harry’s comments.

The sculptor is a former Soviet Army soldier and now lives in the south of France.

He previously made a huge portrait of Vladimir Putin using blood donated by Ukrainian soldiers.

Mr Molodkin says he is unable to return to Russia as he fears he would be imprisoned by Putin’s regime for his work. 

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