B.C. detox centre mistakenly gives away woman’s ID, bank cards: ‘my whole life’

When Shuswap resident Jenni Broscheit realized she needed help, she checked into a detox centre in Kamloops.

However, while she was getting better, the Phoenix Centre made a mistake and gave away her personal belongings, she said.

“My cell phone, my credit cards, ID, bank cards, everything personal, my whole life,” Broscheit said.

Her cell phone had special pictures of her mom on it that are irreplaceable, she added.

“They told me they had given away all of my personal belongings to somebody else that checked out.”

“This is not supposed to happen,” Broscheit said.

Broscheit said when she checked into the facility, staff took her personal belongings, made a note of them, and locked them up.

“They were doing a bunch of renovations, but I trusted them with all my personal belongings,” she said.

“When you show up to detox you’re not normally 100 per cent sober. I went in there to get better.

“I trusted them with my life, and they gave all my stuff away.”

Broshceit said the facility originally offered her $750, and then doubled it the next week.

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