BBC reporter says Princess Diana was source of royal family ‘smears’

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The BBC reporter who landed the bombshell interview with Princess Diana that led to her divorce blamed the royal herself for the “smears” he was accused of spreading against the royal family to secure the chat.

Martin Bashir, who is currently the religious affairs reporter at the BBC, is under an internal probe for allegedly lying to Princess Diana to secure the 1995 interview in which she famously revealed that there were “three people” in her marriage with Prince Charles.

The probe was launched in November after the emergence of a series of notes taken by Earl Spencer, Diana’s brother, days before the Sept. 1995 interview. Spencer said he noted down a series of allegations against the royal family at a meeting with Bashir and his sister. Among the “smears” was that the Queen was ill and on the verge of abdication, that Prince Charles was in love with his children’s nanny, and that Prince William wore a Swatch watch that contained a bugging device.

But in leaked documents seen by the Telegraph, Bashir says that the “smears” made at the meeting were mistakenly attributed to him, and were more consistent with remarks made by the Princess herself who confessed at a later meeting with the reporter that she regularly consulted mystics.

Spencer alleged last year that Bashir used forged bank statements which wrongly sought to show that two members of the royal household were being paid by security services in order to spy on Princess Diana.

The probe, which is being led by a former judge, is expected to be completed next month.

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