BBC weather: ‘Above average temperatures’ to strike despite heavy downpours across Europe

European weather: Temperatures above average across continent

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BBC Weather forecaster Susan Powell explained tropical air moving into Europe will force temperatures up. In addition to this, a weather front from the Atlantic will bring significant rain to the UK and France. Elsewhere in Europe, it will remain quite dry, especially in the southwest.

Scandinavia will see some of the coldest and wettest weather through the week, however.

Ms Powell said: “Some very warm autumnal weather for central Europe in the next 48 hours.

“The air here is being pulled up from the tropics, it does cool up on its journey across the Atlantic but it is still above average in temperature.

“Coming in from the northwest we also have some colder air trying to dig down behind it.

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“Where the two airs meet, it means this weather front will be quite a potent feature and will drop some heavy rain.”

The BBC weather forecaster noted the warm weather will also be seen in southwest Europe.

Most countries in this area will see temperatures above 20C with Antalya seeing the hottest temperature of 28C.

She also noted on the other side of Europe temperatures will be warm, most notably in Spain.

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However, these areas will experience significant rainfalls.

Ms Powell continued: “For Turkey and Greece there will be plenty of sunshine.

“On Wednesday it will be looking warm across the Balkans and Italy too.

“It is certainly looking much more unsettled across France and the UK.

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“It is in Scandinavia where we see the frontal system hit some colder air and some snow.

“The warmth will get into west Russia briefly for the latter part of the week.

“There will be some cooler air chasing behind it.”

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