BBC Weather: Britons to bask in 28C warmth as mercury to steadily rise across weekend

BBC Weather: Warmer conditions expected over next week

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BBC Weather forecaster Owen Evans has predicted temperatures ranging from 13C to 28C across the UK. Mr Evans warned that temperatures will creep up significantly around the country. Brighter dryer weather is expected in the South and surrounding areas. And Britons have been advised to wear sun cream and sun hats as UV levels continue to remain high.

Mr Evans said: “I know that heat isn’t for everyone but we are going to see temperatures rise significantly.

“So there’s a bit of a contrast, some of us seeing sunshine, some of us seeing cloud, and the cloud is a result of this.

“This weak weather front, just pushing into Northern parts of Scotland, will introduce cloud into Northern Ireland and probably Northern parts of England as well as we head through the day.

“There’s some mist and fog around in places in central parts of England, parts of Wales as well that will clear.

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“There’s the weather front now, it’s a weak feature introducing that cloud as I mentioned through Northern Ireland just tilting down into the borders Dumfries and Galloway then further South.

Mr Evans said: “Now North of this it will be cooler, likely to see more cloud here at the front generating a bit of line rain or drizzle as well.

“Whereas further South we’re going to see more on the way, of sunshine, blue sky, and rising temperatures that sort of thing.

“27C to 28C is our highest today, we have high or very high UV levels and high or very high pollen levels as well.

Met Office forecasts temperatures to rise as weather settles

“Get the latest wherever you are as far as the pollen and the UV is concerned on the BBC weather app.

Mr Evans added: “Right back to the pressure chart here we go, there’s the high pressure.

“This is now taking charge as we look towards the weekend and as a result, we’ll see more on the way of dryer and brighter weather.


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“Abit breezy or blustery today across more Northern parts, Northern parts of Scotland.

“Still breezy here tomorrow a bit of rain moving into North-Western parts, we’re more likely to see a bit of brightness across Northern Ireland and some sunny spells.”

BBC Weather has been forecasting “a mostly dry, warm week; warmer still next weekend” ahead for most Britons, with some areas expected to experience temperatures as high as 31C from Sunday.


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