BBC Weather: Europe bracing for thunderstorms and heavy rain as brutal system strikes

BBC Weather meteorologist Darren Bett forecast heavy rain across Europe with thunderstorms expected near the eastern side of the Mediterranean. Italy and Malta are expected to suffer the worst of the weather while Turkey and Romania will see sunshine at the start of the week.

Mr Bett said: “There are some weather systems coming in from the west.

“A bank of cloud that is pushing its way east and will produce some rain across central Europe.

“There will be heavy rain across Italy as well as some thunderstorms pushing their way into the Mediterranean.

“Those thunderstorms are likely to affect Malta as well as southern Italy.

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“In Turkey, there is still some sunshine and it is warm for this time of year.

“Temperatures are close to 20C in Bucharest.

“There is some cloud heading into Poland, behind that the air is much cooler.”

Earlier today, BBC Weather forecaster Carol Kirkwood warned rain and wind will plague the UK this week. 

Ms Kirkwood said: “As we head on into Wednesday, once again it’s a day of showers – some of them merging – especially in the West along Channel coastlines where it’s also going to be windy.

“Gusty winds, 40mph plus but for the rest of the UK, there will be some showers but, equally, there’ll be a lot of dry weather as well and even some sunshine.”

The BBC Weather forecaster, however, warned the calm conditions will not be lasting long, as rain is then expected to resume on Thursday.

She said: “On Thursday, we’re back to square one, when more rain comes in from the West and pushes northeastward.”

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The BBC has also warned conditions could turn wintry as October turns into Novembers, with forecasters suggesting the rain could soon turn into snow in some parts.

Its forecast read: “Wet and windy for a while longer. Drier mid-month.

“The weather is looking unsettled into early November, particularly across the northern half of the UK.

“Low-pressure areas will be driven eastwards over the north Atlantic and into the UK, depositing rainfall and ushering in blustery winds once again.

“Some of the showers over high ground in the north and west will fall as sleet, hail and occasionally snow.”

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