BBC Weather: Foggy cooler conditions with widespread frost and sun….

UK weather: Foggy cooler conditions with widespread frost

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Ms Keith-Lucas predicted murky misty conditions with a touch of fog. The BBC weatherwoman warned Britons to expect the temperatures to range from between 6-11 degrees across the UK. She forecasted that it will be dryer than it has been all month, as outbreaks of sunshine will break through. The Met Office has issued three yellow weather warnings for fog across Northern Ireland and regions in the UK.

Ms Keith-Lucas said: “Not a bad day for staying in and watching the football, I have to say.

“Because it is a little bit misty and murky out there, good morning to you at home, if you haven’t quite opened the curtains yet.

“When you do you might see a view a little bit like this one, lots of us are waking up to some mist and some fog around too.

“This is the picture in Wolverhampton this morning.

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Ms Keith-Lucas added: “But not a bad day, it is certainly brighter than it has been for much of November.

“Which has been a really wet month.

“We’re heading towards the start of December now, and things are turning colder and drier.

“And we’re going to see some lingering mist and some fog around, a bit like we’ve got this morning.”

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UK weather: Met Office issues yellow weather warning

Ms Keith-Lucas added: “So in some areas, that fog is going to be quite slow to clear.

“Perhaps even lingering all day, particularly in parts of Somerset up towards Yorkshire, Dumfries and Galloway.

“Northern Ireland also seeing some patchy fog lingering.

“But there will be some sunshine breaking through.

Ms Keith-Lucas added: “Particularly for parts of Scotland, into Wales and South West England as well.

“So if you’re stuck underneath a patch of fog through the day, only 6 or 7 degrees but in the sunnier spells, we’re up to around 10 or 11 out there.

“So a little bit cooler than it has been, and things turned cooler still later in the week.

“So through this evening and overnight, we’re going to see that mist and fog reforming and becoming really quite widespread as well.”

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