BBC Weather: ‘Short-lived’ warm blast to unleash 21C temperatures across UK next week

BBC Weather: UK set for warm temperatures next week

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The UK will experience a brief, short-lived burst of warm air next week, according to the latest BBC weather forecast. Temperatures will rise to 21C in southern England on Tuesday before the weather takes a wintry turn towards the end of the week. BBC meteorologist Ben Rich told BBC Breakfast that southernly winds will mean Tuesday feel “really, rather warm”.

He started with his forecast for today: “Not the brightest of starts to a Sunday morning today.

“We have two main areas of rain this morning – one across central parts of Scotland, and another sliding southwards across northern England.

“For some of us it will brighten up today with a little bit of sunshine to the south of England, Wales, and parts of the Midlands.

“Temperatures will range between 11C in Scotland to 19C in Cardiff.”

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Mr Rich continued: “On Monday, we will have fragmented, showery bursts of rain pushing eastwards through the day.

“Top temperatures are 15C to 18C, with quite a brisk southerly wind developing.

“And that southernly wind is key to the weather over the next few days, even while we do see frontal system bringing outbreaks of rain.

“Those southernly winds are going to be tapping into some really, rather warm air so that will send temperatures upwards on Tuesday.

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“Despite the fact we are expecting cloud and outbreaks of heavy rain for western, and south-western areas.

“Temperatures, where the sun does break through, we are expecting 20C, maybe even 21C down towards the south. Even parts of Scotland doing pretty well temperature-wise.”

However, the BBC meteorologist warned that a sudden cold snap overnight into Wednesday could end the brief warm spell.


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He added: “For the end of the week, the warmth we see is actually going to be quite short-lived because the winds will return to northernly and temperatures will drop away.”

There is growing concern that a number of cold spells in November and December could result in gas prices rising to even higher levels, potentially leading to more small energy firms going bust.

This comes as the Met Office forecast snow to hit the UK as early as Thursday.

The Met Office also confirmed snow is “expected on mountain tops across Scotland” this week.

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