Beloved cat reunited with owner two years after going missing during hurricane

A cat has been reunited with her stunned family two years after going missing during a hurricane.

Beloved pet Eva disappeared from her home in Florida during Hurricane Irma in 2017.

Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office (HCSO) said the animal was found by deputies on Christmas Eve outside the office's District III headquarters near Citrus Park Mall close to Tampa.

Deputies took her to the vet, who found a microchip on her bearing the cat's owner's contact information.

Her delighted owner told deputies Eva went missing two years earlier, and her whereabouts from disappearing until being found are unknown.

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Deputies said the cat seemed very domesticated and may have been living or getting food from a nearby house or apartment.

Sheriff's Deputy Katelyn Kotfila reached out to the cat's owner and organised the reunion.

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In a post on its official Facebook page, HCSO said: "Team HCSO took the District III kitten to the veterinarian and found out she was microchipped.

"The vet provided us with the owner's contact information and Deputy Kotfila reached out to her.

"We learned the cat, Eva, went missing TWO YEARS ago during Hurricane Irma.

"Tonight, the owner came to District III and was reunited with Eva. Eva is now living in luxury. What a wonderful story!"

It isn't the first time microchipping has helped reunite a feline with its frantic owners.

Last month, black cat Sasha was found 1,200 miles from her home five years after going missing.

Sasha disappeared from her home in Portland, Oregon, and was picked up at an animal shelter in New Mexico, which reached out to her amazed owners.

A trucker was reunited with his beloved cat four months after he went missing.

Matthew B burst into tears as he met Ashes, who disappeared after jumping off his truck while travelling through Springfield, Ohio back in July.

He was found at a truck stop and driven to an animal hospital in New York, who used microchipping to find his owner.

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