Beloved missing husky living wild in forest for year after ‘slipping his collar’

A Siberian husky who has been missing for over a year is thought to have been living in the wild in the Forest of Dean, Gloucestershire.

The dog, called Archie, came off his lead while out on a walk on the Beechenhurst Sculpture Trail in December 2021.

Since then, several people have come forward claiming to have seen Archie in the woods that surround the tourist trail.

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Tim Mtichell, Archie's owner, believes this means Archie is still alive and remains determined to locate his lost pooch, reports GloucestershireLive.

If the sightings are to be believed, Archie is indeed still alive, but looks very malnourished and dirty.

“He’s a very affectionate, loving dog and I love him to bits, ” said product manager Tim.

“He’s a lovely, lovely dog but he’s also a very clever dog so I’m sure he is still out there somewhere.

“Huskies are good hunters and although it sounds gross, there’s a lot of roadkill he can eat in the Forest and an abundance of water. There have been a lot of positive sightings over the past year but he’s a lot thinner than he was so the longer this goes on the more worried I get for his welfare. We really need to find him.”

Tim’s ex-partner was walking Archie near the Beechenhurst picnic site when the pet bolted and disappeared into the woodlands. The more people chased him the more he ran away until he completely disappeared.

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He has even taken to hiring professionals Canine Capture to locate Archie, who have mapped out an area which includes all the spots where he has been sighted.

“We have put food and cameras down and the last thing we want is for people to call his name or chase him,” said Tim.

“We have an idea which area he is in but they try and catch him it could make him move on and make him harder to find.

“I’m 100% convinced that he is still out there and I will not give up while I know he’s still alive.”

A team of people have been involved in Archie’s rescue and sightings can be reported over social media using What3words. His location can be reported to Tim Mitchell, Lisa Horseman, Ally Knight or Forest of Dean Dog Rescue.


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