Biden 'to push Congress to approve $1,400 stimulus checks IMMEDIATELY after he takes office'

JOE Biden is reportedly set to push Congress to approve $1,400 cash payments for Americans immediately after he takes office.

In his first "quick-hit" financial package, the incoming president plans to hand out another coronavirus relief bill once inaugurated on January 20.

Biden wants to get cash into the hands of suffering Americans as quickly as possible, sources told Axios.

The $1,400 stimulus check would be added to the $600 checks approved by Congress last month.

Funds would also be set aside in the first package for state aid, more Covid-19 testing, and vaccine distribution.

Biden is confident he can get multiple funding packages through Congress after Democrats won both Georgia Senate elections, according to reports.

His push for a $3 trillion tax and infrastructure plan will come later in the spring to make way for his immediate plans to dish out more stimulus checks.

Biden previously said the measly $600 handout was a "down-payment" for the American people.

"I think you’re seeing that there is a clear understanding that these issues go beyond any ideology," he said. "People are desperately hurting, and the Republicans are hurting as badly as Democrats."

He also warned the effects of Covid-19 have still not been fully felt.

"One thing I promise you about my leadership during this crisis, I’m going to tell it to you straight," Biden said.

"And here’s the simple truth: our darkest days in this battle against Covid are ahead of us, not behind us."

Biden unveiled his jobs and economic recovery plan in July.

The "Build Back Better" plan includes $4 trillion for infrastructure spending and green jobs, billions for caregivers and incentives for manufacturers.

To pay for the package, he proposed a series of tax increases on the wealthy.

Biden previously vowed to present his full plan to Congress once inaugurated on January 20.

Last month, Congress passed a $900 billion Covid-19 relief package that would provide $600 payments to most Americans.

It was based on the initial CARES Act that passed in March and provided Americans with a direct payment of $1,200.

More than 21 million cases of coronavirus have been recorded in the United States since the start of the pandemic, and 365,000 people have died from the disease.

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