Bidens depart Nantucket after spending Thanksgiving at a $30M compound

The Bidens depart Nantucket after spending Thanksgiving at a $30M island compound – after saying he’s ‘not yet’ discussed a 2024 run with family members

  • President Joe Biden was seen boarding Air Force One with First Lady Dr. Jill Biden and his adult children 
  • Biden said Saturday that he’d tabled plans to discuss a 2024 run with his family during their Thanksgiving trip 
  • ‘We’re not having any, we’re celebrating!’ Biden told reporters when asked how those 2024 discussions were going as he walked from store to store on downtown Nantucket
  • later asked him if he’d made a decision about launching a reelection bid
  • ‘Not yet,’ the 80-year-old commander-in-chief said 
  • At a press conference a day after the midterms, Biden had indicated he’d talk 2024 with his family members during his holiday break 

President Joe Biden, wife Jill and daughter Ashley boarded Air Force One together Sunday after spending their Thanksgiving holiday at a $30 million compound on Nantucket.

The president gave a thumbs up when asked if he enjoyed the trip – in which he indicated Saturday that he had tabled plans to discuss with his family whether he should launch a bid for the White House in 2024.

He was captured hugging a woman on the tarmac before the presidential plane was wheels up.

He’s headed back to D.C. for a week in which the White House Christmas decorations will be revealed – and he’ll host French President Emmanuel Macron for the first state dinner of his administration. 

Biden said Saturday that he’d tabled plans to discuss another campaign with his family during their Thanksgiving trip to Nantucket – spending the day shopping on the island instead. 

‘We’re not having any, we’re celebrating!’ Biden told reporters when asked how those 2024 discussions were going as he walked from store to store downtown. later asked him if he’d made a decision about launching a reelection bid. 

‘Not yet,’ the 80-year-old commander-in-chief said.

President Joe Biden returned a salute before departing Nantucket on Sunday afternoon, returning to Washington, DC after his family’s Thanksgiving trip

He did not speak to reporters and it appears that he was accompanied by daughter Ashley, wife Jill, son Hunter and grandson Beau

The president’s Thanksgiving holiday was not sleepy – Biden had to react to two mass shooting that occurred within days of each other earlier this month, just before families across the country were readying to gather last week

They exchanged warm words with people before leaving the small, wealthy Northeastern island

Biden hugged a woman he was speaking with as wife Jill and daughter Ashley look on with another man

Biden (left) held hands with daughter Ashley (right) as they went shopping in Nantucket on Small Business Saturday

First daughter Ashley Biden (left) and first lady Jill Biden (right) wave to onlookers as they take a Small Business Saturday stroll through downtown Nantucket 

President Joe Biden toasts with his plastic cup as he walks through downtown Nantucket Saturday

He had paused in front of the store TownPool, where a ‘Biden’ long-sleeved t-shirt was hanging on the door, with the ‘D’ shaped like Nantucket island. 

‘That’s very neat of you,’ Biden said walking over, touching the shirt. 

TownPool’s co-founder Sean Dew reminded the president that they had spoken last year about his preference of chowder. Dew, a chowder aficionado, had asked Biden last Thanksgiving if he preferred New England or Manhattan clam chowder. 

‘I don’t like either,’ Biden joked. ‘No, no, no, New England clam chowder.’ 

This year the president said his preference hadn’t changed. 

‘No it hadn’t,’ he told Dew. ‘The exact same.’ 

The day before, Biden skipped ordering clam chowder at the restaurant Brotherhood of Thieves, but Ashley and Hunter Biden had the creamy New England style soup. 

Hunter Biden also popped his head into TownPool, which sells Nantucket-branded merchandise and neon signs, and later came back to purchase a white, long-sleeved t-shirt. 

President Joe Biden and first lady Jill Biden walk out of one of Nantucket’s many boutiques on Saturday 

Ashley Biden (left), President Joe BIden (center) and first lady Jill Biden (right) went shopping in Nantucket on Saturday 

Ashley Biden (left), Melissa Cohen (center) and baby Beau Biden (right) walk through the streets of Nantucket on Saturday 

Ashley Biden (left) leads her dad President Joe Biden (right) through the shopping district of Nantucket Saturday

President Joe Biden (right) took a selfie with the owners of Erin Hielle – Erin Homan (center) and her husband Gauthier Hielle (left)

Hunter Biden waves at reporters as he walked through town with his family on Nantucket on Saturday 

The president’s whole family was out on the town with him Saturday – first lady Jill Biden, daughter Ashley, son Hunter and his wife Melissa Cohen and son Beau. 

At a press conference a day after the midterms, Biden had indicated he’d talk 2024 with his family members during his holiday break.

On Saturday, the president popped into a number of the island’s stores – local vendors like Erin Hielle and more national brands including Ralph Lauren.  

At one point, the president walked up the windows of Lemon Press – a juice and coffee shop – and pressed his face up, with two little girls capturing the moment with a selfie, shared with the Nantucket Current. 

The owner of Erin Hielle, Erin Homan, said the Bidens left her store today empty handed after Dr. Biden couldn’t find a pair of cream cords or pink velvet pants in her size. 

A sweater that daughter Ashley had coveted had sold out – but the first daughter had stopped in the boutique two times already and purchased some items.  

The president took a selfie with Homan and her husband, Gauthier Hielle, before leaving the store. 

Hunter Biden (left) walks ahead of President Joe Biden (center) and Dr. Biden (right) on Saturday 

First lady Jill Biden is photographed walking through Nantucket on Saturday 

President Joe Biden takes a sip of his drink as he walks around Nantucket on Saturday 

President Joe Biden (right) and Ashley Biden (left) cross the street in Nantucket on Saturday

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On Friday, Biden and his family attended Nantucket’s annual Christmas tree lighting – with the tree failing to light up on first go – after they spent Friday afternoon munching on cheeseburgers and lobster rolls and taking a shopping trip around town.  

The president, first lady Jill Biden, Ashley Biden, Hunter Biden, his wife Melissa and son Beau were all gathered on one side of the town square, where the tree was to be illuminated around 5pm.  

But when it came time for the big moment – the tree didn’t react. The tpwn crier led the countdown but the failure of the lights to come on left the onlookers chuckling.

Several moments later, the tree managed to get flicked on so Nantucket could kick off the Christmas season. 

Baby Beau, who was spotted earlier slumped over Hunter’s shoulders, was awake and providing some pre-show entertainment, jiggling to one of the opening acts. 

Ashley Biden – the president’s daughter and Beau’s aunt – held hands with her two-year-old nephew, shaking her hips and jiving with him as they waited on the tree to be illuminated. She even squated down to be close to his height, dancing on the cobblestones with the little guy.

President Biden took photos and videos of the two rocking out on his cell phone. 

It was a chilly damp night and, several times, the president put his arm around the first lady. The pair huddled together to keep warm and listen to a children’s choir sing old favorites like ‘Silent Night,’ ‘Jingle Bells,’ and Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas.’

The town crier pointed out to the watching townfolks the Bidens were watching the ceremony from the sidelines. President Biden waved his baseball cap as they cheered him. 

President Joe Biden (right) makes a look as he (from left) Melissa Cohen, Hunter Biden, baby Beau Biden and first lady Jill Biden attend Nantucket’s annual tree lighting. The tree didn’t light up on first try Friday evening 

President Joe Biden uses his phone while waiting for the annual Nantucket Christmas tree lighting ceremony to begin 

President Biden walks down a street of Nantucket holding hands with his grandson Baby Beau, 2

President Joe Biden (left) whistles as he and first lady Jill Biden (right) take in a performance at the Nantucket annual Christmas tree lighting 

Nantucket’s town crier led the countdown for the Christmas tree to be lit up – but it failed to light on cue; it did managed to get its lights flicked on later

First Lady Jill Biden (left) and President Joe Biden (right) walked through Nantucket shopping before the tree lighting

President Biden films Ashley with Baby Beau as they wait on the Christmas tree lighting


The president and his family dined at Brotherhood of Thieves, a restaurant they’ve frequented over their years spending Thanksgiving on Nantucket.

Here’s what each member of the family ordered: 

President Biden – the Brotherhood burger with cheese and tomato, curly fries and a Diet Coke

First lady Jill Biden –  Lobster roll with a side salad 

Hunter Biden – Cheeseburger with swiss cheese, lettuce, tomato, onion and jalapeno, curly fries and a cup of New England clam chowder 

Ashley Biden – Lobster roll with curly fries, cup of New England clam chowder 

Melissa Cohen – Cheeseburger with a lettuce bun, curly fries 

Baby Beau Biden – Half a cheeseburger and curly fries  

Before the big tree lighting ceremony, President Biden’s first stop Friday was the restaurant Brotherhood of Thieves, an eatery the family has frequented in the many Thanksgivings they’ve spent on the island. 

The Bidens lunched in the cozy ground floor New England bar. 

The president ordered the Brotherhood burger with cheese and tomato, curly fries and a Diet Coke. 

One diner who spotted the president at the restaurant commented online that he hoped the president ordered a Guinness, but Biden doesn’t drink alcohol. 

First lady Jill Biden had a lobster roll and salad, while Melissa Cohen kept her cheeseburger order healthy with a lettuce bun. 

Even baby Beau had a cheeseburger – but only ate half – along with an order of curly fries, a popular side with most of the Biden family, the first family’s server told 

Afterward, the Bidens popped into Nantucket Bookworks – another shop they’re known to frequent – where the first lady purchased Christmas ornaments, a shopkeeper told 

The shop sells local, handmade ornaments. 

The Bidens strolled through Nantucket as the U.S. was battling England in the World Cup. 

The game ended in a 0-0 tie. 

‘Team USA all the way!’ Dr. Biden remarked at one point. 

‘I’d rather it be 0-1. But it’s good. England is tough,’ the president later said, after the match’s final.

President Biden and family meandered about the town for nearly an hour after they ate, killing time in a variety of shops before the Christmas tree lighting ceremony. 

Earlier, the trio of Biden women – Jill, Ashley and Melissa – were out shopping without the president, dipping into the island’s cute boutiques on a dreary, yet warm day. 

The first lady wore all black – a hooded shiny black jacket, black leather gloves, black jeans and tall black suede heeled boots – and carried a black umbrella as they walked from store to store around town. 

Ashley sported a patterned shirt, a black puffer jacket, black pants and black booties, while Cohen – the wife of Hunter Biden – sported sunglasses, and wore a black peacoat over a plaid skirt. 

Ashley Biden had stopped in the Erin Hielle boutique Wednesday and promised owner Erin Homan she’d return. 

She did so with her mother, Dr. Biden, who ‘started to try on some things’ but ‘didn’t buy anything’ because she was instantly recognized by other shoppers – who wanted photos with the first lady. 

President Joe Biden, first lady Jill Biden and Ashley Biden walk out of Nantucket Bookworks Friday, where the first lady purchased Christmas ornaments, the shopkeeper said 

President Biden in one of the shops in Nantucket during his Friday shopping trip

President Joe Biden adjusts his puffy coat as he walks around Nantucket Friday. It was a drizzly but warm day 

Hunter Biden carries baby Beau Biden alongside his wife Melissa Cohen (left) as they leave Nantucket Bookworks Friday. The whole Biden family stopped in the bookstore after eating lunch together 

Ashley Biden leads the way as the Biden family walks around Nantucket Friday before the town’s annual tree lighting 

President Biden walks by one of the shops; he spent about an hour walking around the Nantucket shopping district

Bystanders watch as President Joe Biden and his family walk around Nantucket Friday afternoon ahead of the annual Christmas tree lighting ceremony 

President Joe Biden walks out of Nantucket Bookworks on Friday, with first lady Jill Biden (left) and followed by Secret Service agents 

President Biden carries the family purchases from the local bookstore as he walks around town with daughter Ashley

The first daughter had remarked to the shopkeeper that it’s ‘never been this bad,’ Homan said, in terms of people recognizing members of the Biden family as they spend Thanksgiving on the tony Massachusetts island. 

Shoppers stopped on the street Friday when they noticed the first lady’s large Secret Service detail outside – and were searched with hand wands if they wanted to join the Biden family inside the stores. 

During her Friday shopping trip to Erin Hielle, Ashley Biden ‘bought a pair of jeans that she wore out of the store,’ Homan said. 

On Wednesday the first daughter ‘bought two pairs of underwear and a sweater,’ and played with Homan’s two dachsunds, who spend their days at the store. 

Ashley Biden was also spotted carrying a bag out from Clorinda Antinori, an Italian shoe store. 

First Lady Jill Biden visited a number of Nantucket’s boutiques on Black Friday, accompanied by daughter Ashley and daughter-in-law Melissa Cohen 

First lady Jill Biden (left) carried an umbrella as she was out on the town Friday with daughter-in-law Melissa Cohen (center) and daughter Ashley Biden (right) 

First Lady Jill Biden is spotted through a shop window on Nantucket on Friday 

First lady Jill Biden (left) chats with daughter Ashley Biden (right) as the women browsed Nantucket’s many boutiques on Friday 

First Daughter Ashley Biden leaves one of Nantucket’s boutiques Friday, followed by mom Jill 

A Secret Service agent uses a hand wand to allow shoppers inside the stores where First Lady Jill Biden, Ashley Biden and Melissa Cohen were browsing Friday in Nantucket 

Ashley Biden left Italian shoe store Clorinda Antinori with a shopping bag as she was out Black Friday shopping with mom Jill and sister-in-law Melissa Cohen (walking behind her) 

A Secret Service agent is seen holding an umbrella over Ashley Biden’s (left) head as she and mom Jill Biden (center) were out shopping on Nantucket Friday 

Ashley Biden, Jill Biden and Melissa Cohen walk out of a store on Nantucket Friday also exclusively captured Dr. Biden and Ashley Biden on a beach walk Thursday afternoon, with first dog Commander.  

The first lady and Ashley walked out of the $30 million compound the Biden clan is staying in on Nantucket to the private beach attached to the residence. 

Ashley appeared to bend down to pick something off the beach. The beaches in Nantucket are filled with shells and colorful stones. 

They also took the dog out on a dock that overlooks the Nantucket Harbor. 

Commander looked off the edge as if contemplating a jump into the icy water but the German shepherd pup was on a leash and stayed safely on shore. 

Ashley, at one point, held up her phone for a selfie, with the first lady peering over her daughter’s shoulder to get in the frame.

President Joe Biden didn’t join the mom and daughter duo.  The two women were dressed warmly for the sunny but chilly day, wearing black winter coats. Ashley wore a purple hat. 

Jill Biden and daughter Ashley took the family dog Commander out for a Thanksgiving walk on Thursday, even pausing to take a selfie in the process

The mom and daughter duo took a walk on the private beach attached to the home they are staying in on Nantucket

At one point, Ashley bent down to pick something up – the beaches in Nantucket are covered with shells and rocks

Jill and Ashley took Commander out on a dock that overlooked Nantucket Harbor

The Biden clan is spending Thanksgiving on Nantucket

At one point, Commander looked down into the water

Ashley holds up her phone to take a selfie with the first lady

The walk capped off a busy Thanksgiving Day for the Bidens, who are spending the holiday weekend on the island off the coast of Massachusetts. 

The first couple called into the Macy’s Day Parade, telephoned various branches of the U.S. military, and took their two-year-old grandson Beau with them when they visited a Nantucket fire station to hand out pumpkin pies and offer thanks for their service. 

The first couple held hands with the little boy as they walked up to greet the brigade on their Thanksgiving Day visit.

‘How are you guys?’ President Biden said. ‘You’re the best.’

The firefighters gave Beau, who is named after Biden’s late son Beau, a miniature firefighter hat. 

The little boy, wearing jeans and a blue puffer coat, promptly put the red hat on over his long blonde hair. He held onto the first lady, who the grandkids call ‘Nana.’

President Biden received a baseball cap with the logo of the Nantucket Fire Department, which he put on. 

President Joe Biden and first lady Jill Biden brought their grandson Beau with them when they delivered pumpkin pies to the Nantucket Fire Department

Beau Biden, 2, in his red fire hat, holding hands with first lady Jill Biden in Nantucket on Thursday morning 

Jill Biden helps Beau Biden put on his hat after he was gifted it by the local fire department, much to the youngster’s obvious delight 

President Biden visits with the Nantucket fire fighters in his trademark aviator shades for Thanksgiving 

Beau Biden carries his fire hat as President Joe Biden and first lady Jill Biden head out with one of their bodyguards 

President Biden at the firehouse. He paid tribute to first responders and members of the armed forces in a phone chat with NBC’s Today earlier on Thursday 

Shrimp Cocktail

Thyme Roasted Turkey

Sherry Gravy

Classic Stuffing

Seared Scallops

Cauliflower, Capers & Lemon Butter Sauce

Cranberry Relish

Roasted Root Vegetables

Sweet Potatoes

Apple Pie

Coconut Cream Pie

Pumpkin Pie

Chocolate Chip Ice Cream

The first couple posed for pics with the fire brigade, the fire trucks visible in the background.  

The president also met with Nantucket Fire Department captain Nathan Barber, who was named Nantucket’s man of the year.

Barber this summer helped fight a massive fire at the historic Veranda House hotel, which took out that building and two nearby homes. 

At the time the fire started, he was off-duty and getting coffee nearby when he saw the smoke billowing from the Veranda House. 

He ran to the building and, when a guest said his son was trapped in the building, Barber ran inside to help find him and other guests trapped in the burning blaze. 

Barber was hospitalized for smoke inhalation and heat exhaustion after the fire.

Most of the buildings on Nantucket are made of wood. They are also grouped close together, making fire a major risk on the island. 

NMagazine, the local magazine, put Barber on its cover.

Both Joe and Jill Biden signed the magazine for him. The president wrote something he has long said about firefighters: ‘God made man, and then he made a few firefighters.’ 

Jill Biden also had made a solo visit to the fire station in July, when she was on the island at a fundraiser for the Democratic Party. 

The Bidens are spending the Thanksgiving holiday on Nantucket. Beau is the son of Hunter Biden and his wife Melissa Cohen, who are on the trip but did not join the visit to the fire house. 

During the stop with first responders, Biden also spoke with reporters about the serious issue of gun violence. 

‘The idea that we still allow semiautomatic weapons to be purchased is sick,’ Biden said. ‘It’s just sick. It has no, no social redeeming value. Zero. None. Not a single, solitary rationale for it except profit for the gun manufacturers.’ 

He’s had to respond to three mass shootings in a week’s time – at a Chesapeake, Virginia Walmart Tuesday night, which occurred three days after people at an LGBTQ club in Colorado Springs, Colorado were gunned down and a week after a former University of Virginia football killed three members of the current roster. 

The White House said later Thursday that the president and first lady had called the owners of Club Q, Nic Grzecka and Matthew Haynes, to offer condolences. 

On a lighter note, the president joked with reporters when asked when he would have his annual physical – having turned 80 on Sunday. He is the oldest president to be in office.

‘Do you think I need it?’ the president asked. ‘Part of my physical is already done and I’ll be getting it before the end of the year,’ he then answered. 

After the visit, the president and first lady called units from each branch of our military, stationed around the world, to thank them and their families for their service to the country, the White House said.

The Bidens called the Army 10th Special Forces Group, sailors on the U.S.S. Paul Ignatius, Marine Corps Combat Logistics Battalion 6, Air Force 509th Munitions Squadron at Whiteman Air Force Base, Space Force 16th Expeditionary Electromagnetic Warfare Flight, and Coast Guard Port Security Unit 305, which is Guantanamo Bay.

Jill Biden in the presidential motorcade during Thursday’s Thanksgiving trip to the Nantucket firehouse 

The Nantucket Fire Department, which the Bidens visited on Thursday during their annual Thanksgiving trip to the ritzy enclave 

A fire fighter leans down to talk to Beau while Jill Biden holds his hand. He was given a red fire helmet to commemorate his trip 

Joe and Jill Biden talked with Nantucket Fire Department captain Nathan Barber (to the president’s left), who was named Nantucket’s man of the year after helping battle a massive fire this summer

President Joe Biden, with his arm on the shoulder of Nantucket Fire Department Chief Michael Cranson, first lady Jill Biden, right, and their grandson Beau Biden

President Joe Biden and Jill Biden pose with the firefighters during their Thanksgiving trip to Nantucket fire house 

President Biden’s motorcade arrives at the fire station on Thursday morning, as Americans enjoy their first completely-normal Thanksgiving since COVID hit US shores almost three years ago 

A massive fire in July at the historic Veranda House hotel, which took out that building and two nearby homes

Biden has long praised the service of firefighters, noting they were first on the scene in 1972, when his first wife Neilia was in a car crash with their sons Beau, Hunter and daughter Naomi. 

Neilia and Naomi did not survive. 

When the president, along with wife Jill, called into the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade on Thursday morning, he praised the work of first responders. 

‘I want to say thanks to the firefighters and police officers, first responders. They never take a break,’ the president said.

‘And God bless our troops for sure,’ the first lady added.

‘And by the way, we’re going to be talking to some of our troops later in the day, both here and abroad. I hope everybody remembers. We remember them every single day. God bless our troops for real,’ the president said.

It was the second year in a row the Bidens called into the annual parade.

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