Bigamist proposes to ANOTHER lady as he faces jail for double marriage

EXCLUSIVE: Bigamist has proposed to ANOTHER woman who he wants to make wife number four – even though he is facing jail for being married to two women at the same time

  • Ex-soldier Jason Hayter is facing a jail term after he admitted a bigamy charge
  • Sarah Taylor posted a photo of a sparkling ring on her finger to her Facebook 

He’s been divorced once and is now facing jail for being married to two women at the same time.

But that hasn’t stopped bigamist Jason Hayter’s search for love, as friends say he has proposed to another woman.

Sarah Taylor posted photos on her Facebook account of her cuddling up to the ex-soldier and showing off a sparkler on her ring finger.

But the philanderer may have had his own heart broken for once after the glare of publicity that followed his court appearance last week, as Ms Taylor is now insisting the romance is over.

She also denied being engaged to him – despite stating she had accepted a marriage proposal on her Facebook page.

Sarah Taylor with bigamist Jason Hayter. She now insists the relationship is over

Taylor had, however, posted a photo of a sparkling ring on her ring finger. But she has since insisted that it was not an engagement band

Taylor’s Facebook profile featured a picture of Jason Hayter

Bigamist Hayter could be facing jail after he admitted a charge of bigamy

‘We’re not engaged. That’s not an engagement ring,’ the 44-year-old said at the home they have been sharing in Frinton-on-Sea, Essex.

Asked if he was still her partner, the GP surgery worker added: ‘Not anymore.’

Norwich Magistrates Court has been informed Ms Taylor’s two-storey terraced house was Hayter’s place of residence and at the end of last week its records had not been updated.

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Hayter has not responded to requests to comment.

Friends said the couple met in 2020 through 48-year-old Hayter’s current job as a paramedic – but were under the impression they were still planning to get hitched, despite the obstacle of him facing up to seven years in jail when he is sentenced.

‘She knows that he’s married as his Facebook says “married”,’ one told MailOnline.

‘I’m unsure if they’ve set a date or venue but there is no process for him getting divorced as he is being sentenced next month and has refused to leave both wives.’

But another said: ‘She knew he was still married but maybe she didn’t know it was to more than one person and that he was looking at time behind bars. I didn’t know about that.

‘If she does stick with him it’ll obviously be a while before they can get married.’

Love-cheat Hayter married Tracey Larcombe in 2010 and Sara Hayter in 2016.

He lived with one in Germany and the other in the UK. Neither woman knew about the other or the children he had with them.

They trustingly accepted his claims when he had to go away that he was working or suffering from mental health issues.

Hayter’s first wife, Teresa Fortune, pictured holding a snake, told MailOnline how Hayter also lived a ‘double life’ with her

Mrs Fortune, 53, also spoke of Hayter’s passion for ‘playing away’, calls from other women who would slam the phone down when she answered, and how he used two phones

When Ms Fortune discovered her estranged husband was dating Mrs Larcombe (pictured), she contacted her on Facebook to warn ‘what he was like’

Tracey Larcombe was even left to handle debt collectors after Jason Hayter abandoned her and her family

Hayter, pictured with his second wife Tracey Larcombe, who claims he abandoned her with debts

Hayter served in the Army for 24 years, first as a guardsman for the 2nd Battalion The Coldstream Guards, including postings to Bosnia, Iraq and Afghanistan, and later as a sergeant for the Royal Military Police. More recently he trained to become a paramedic with London Ambulance Service.

He was only caught when one of his children became suspicious of a link to another woman on his Facebook account and contacted them to ask how she knew him.

Neither Mrs Larcombe nor Mrs Hayter have wanted to comment about their husband.

But in court last Tuesday, Mrs Hayter said in a statement: ‘I don’t want anything more to do with him. I did not see this coming. He has manipulated me.

‘I believe everything he has said to me is a lie. I don’t think he knows the truth anymore.’

Mrs Hayter added in her statement: ‘He walked out on me and the children. He has never sent a birthday card and never asked about the children. We have had nothing from him.

‘I was shocked to learn that he had married again and had three other children.’

Hayter – who is understood to have changed his name from Larcombe when he married his third wife – was originally married to Teresa Fortune, who revealed exclusively to MailOnline how he led a ‘double life’ with her too.

The former MoD admin worker and another woman confronted him together one time after she turned up at the family home and revealed they were having a relationship – adding she had been led to believe he had separated from Mrs Fortune.

The 53-year-old said her ex-husband’s priorities were always ‘work and playing away’ and she had often received calls from women who hurriedly slammed down the phone when she answered.

Sara Hayter married Jason Hayter in 2016, unaware that he was already wedded to Tracey Larcombe

Sara Hayter, who is the bigamist’s third wife, declined to comment when approached

Hayter was posted to Bosnia, Iraq and Afghanistan during his 24-year military career

Mrs Fortune, who divorced Hayter in 2009 on the grounds of his adultery, today advised Ms Taylor ‘Don’t do it’ if she was still considering getting hitched.

She added: ‘He’s always got somebody on the backburner, he’s always got a second option. You’ll end up with a broken heart.’

Bald Hayter admitted the charge of bigamy when he appeared in court last week.

He arrived wearing a pinstripe suit and sporting a long beard, wheeling himself into the building on a wheelchair. Magistrates were told he suffered a stroke last year. He has also been diagnosed with PTSD, his lawyer said.

Prosecutor Sally Harris told the Bench the impact of his offence was ‘very significant’ and was aggravated by the length of time it had gone on for and the fact that children were involved.

Magistrates warned Hayter that all sentencing options were open, including prison, as they sent the case to Norwich Crown Court where he will be sentenced next month.

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