Bloke lived with mum’s mummified corpse for six years to cash in on her pension

A man was living alongside the mummified corpse of his mum so he could claim her pension for the last six years.

Cashing in on the retirement funds of his deceased relative, the unnamed 60-year-old had been banking the pension of mum Helga Maria Hengbarth for six years.

Telling his neighbours Helga had moved back to her home country of Germany, the man managed to cash in on around £156,000 over the course of the last six years by living with her dead body.

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The scam was discovered by firefighters and police earlier this month, with emergency services busting into the apartment on May 25.

Discovering the pension scheme in Italy's Veneto region, the flat was seen to have housed the gruesome, decomposed body of Helga.

Her body had been wrapped up and zipped away in a body bag which was left on her bed, which she had shared with her 60-year-old son when she was alive.

Helga's son was not present at the property during the grim raid but later turned himself into police after running the scam from his home in Italy for six years.

Attempts by police to contact Helga prompted the search, with the pensioner not making any claims on her health insurance card, even during the Coronavirus pandemic.

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Making no claims as she was deceased, police suspicions grew and subsequently led to a raid on her son's home, which led to the body's discovery.

Prosecutor Bruno Bruni and Alberto Sergi have since ordered an autopsy on the body to figure out how Helga died, and when.

Police investigations into the unnamed man continue as they figure out how he managed to make claims on his deceased mum's pension.

Their investigations are so far showing the man collected €30,000 (£26,050) a year, totalling up to €180,000 (£156,000) over the six years.

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