Bloke who had phone nicked after falling asleep in pub gets shot at revenge

A man who says his phone was stolen after he fell asleep in a pub has a chance to reclaim his property six months on.

Twitter user @JWJB_CAFC claimed he found himself the unlucky victim of theft while fast asleep at the pub.

He was unable to recover the device then but earlier today (Saturday, April 29) shared a screenshot from his Find My app showing it back in his area in Sheffield.

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He captioned the image: "The get back does not expire, these crackheads nicked my phone when I was asleep in the pub about 6 months ago. Today is the day I get it back."

His tweet has now been viewed by more than 1.9million people.

Twitter users were heavily invested in the situation, hankering for an update.

One said: "F**KING GET EM MATE!" Another added: "Just came across this randomly and now I'm emotionally invested – did you get the phone back?"

Many also questioned why he was asleep in the first place, with one asking: "I just wanna know why he was sleeping in the pub."

Others feared for his safety, with one quote tweet reading: "Not tweeted in four hours, he's either dead or the crackheads now have both his phones."

He promised to provide updates but was seemingly overwhelmed by the response.

Another tweet followed some hours later showing him at Bramall Lane football stadium watching Sheffield United play Preston North End. His caption read: "'Need an update' f**k off you nerds I’m watching football."

Several people in the replies to that tweet joked that he had "bottled" facing up to the people who nabbed his phone.

It awaits to be seen whether he managed to get it back.

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