Bloke’s nose bitten off by neighbour’s bloodthirsty pit bulls in savage mauling

Part of an unlucky man’s nose flew underneath his neighbour's car after it was viciously ripped off by a pair of pit bulls.

The mutts mauled Marcus Kizaza’s hands, legs and face, eventually tearing part of his nose off outside his home in Fort Worth, Texas, on February 16.

“He was yelling really loud and the dogs were really vicious. We realised that there was part of his nose under our car,” said Bianca Mireles, a neighbour who called emergency services.

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The dogs even attacked the emergency responders who came to help Marcus, she added.

“The dogs were just trying to attack whoever was around. So, if you were on the ground, they were going to attack you.”

One of the dogs was killed after being struck with a patrol car, authorities in Fort Worth toldMailOnline, while another was subdued by animal control authorities.

“I just saw them taking the dog away in a big red bag and then spraying the ground with water,” the neighbour added.

Local animal control officials were able to get the second dog away from the scene.

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Following the attack, Marcus had to undergo several rounds of surgery to reattach the severed bit of flesh to his face, and now wears a facemask at all times in public out of embarrassment.

He now suffers from problems with speech and is in a lot of pain due to his injuries.

Police in Fort Worth said the dogs’ owners, who have not yet been identified, were issued just two citations for having unrestrained dogs.

Marcus’ wife Leslie doesn't think the force has done enough, adding their family desperately needs to help make ends meet.

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“We still have the mortgage to pay. We still have kids to feed. So, that's why I need to know where is the dog's owner,” she said.

Cole McNeal, a lawyer for the family, said they aren’t currently working and have expenses to pay off, adding he plans to go to the police to press charges and file a civil suit.

“We want to gather all the information and make sure that the proper individuals are included,” McNeal said.

“The person that owns the house, the person that leases the house, individuals that live there, the dog owners.”

The family has set up aGoFundMepage to raise $30,000 for Marcus’ medical bills.


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