Bloodcurdling photos show huge spider catching bat in its web

If you don’t like spiders…look away now.

Astonishing photos show the moment a large banana spider managed to snare a bat in its web outside a house in Poteet, Texas, on Wednesday.

Homeowner Annette Alaniz Guajardo spotted nature at its goriest as she left for work that morning. Guajardo returned to her house after work and immediately started filming as she pulled her car up her driveway to see if the bat was still there.

On a Facebook post, she wrote: ‘This morning on my way to work I saw this on the side of my house. I love the country.’

She says: ‘I’m here, I just got home. Lets see what this little spider did to the bat.’

As she approaches her porch, the bat can still be seen dangling from her roof and appears to be dead.

Banana spiders, also known as golden silk spiders or calico spiders, are known to weave webs that are up to six feet in length, according to Erlich Pest Control.

The spider on Guajardo’s porch appears to be a female, which can grow up to three inches in length. Male banana spiders are much smaller, usually less than an inch in length.

Banana spiders are only mildly poisonous and are not known to eat bats. This one, however, even prompted Guajardo to bring her dogs inside, away from the enormous arachnid.

A person commented on the post: ‘Better not let Miracle out there.’

Guajardo replies: ‘I know, just let all the dogs in.’

Another friend wrote: ‘So these are the kind of things you see happen in Brazil, Thailand, or some kind of foreign jungle place like that, but this was outside of Annette Alaniz Guajardo house in POTEET TEXAS.’

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