Bloodthirsty lions maul tiger in front of crying kids as safari turns deadly

A wildlife park is under scrutiny after a viral video showed a pack of hungry lions mauling a tiger to death and devouring it in front of a group of shocked tourists.

The savage moment happened at Yibin Wildlife World in southwest China's Sichuan province on January 17.

Videos circulating on Douyin, a Chinese equivalent of TikTok, showed three lions tearing flesh off the wounded Siberian tiger in the enclosure.

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Tourists, including children, on board the two safari buses can be heard screaming at the staff.

"It's getting bitten! The tiger's gonna die!" one said and another urged: "Grab a stick and hit them!"

A man shouted: "It's gone – that's it."

Some young boys were crying as they watched the apex predators sinking their teeth into the tiger's neck and back.

A tour guide attempted to drive the lions away by honking at them while another one used a long pole to ward off the lions.

The YIbin Wildlife Park said the park was closed after the incident.

An initial investigation report claimed the tiger ran 20 metres into the lion's den through an opened latch door between the two enclosures.

"Our experts took the tiger back into an emergency room and despite our best efforts, the tiger died from fatal wounds," the statement read.

Viewers criticised the wildlife park's "unprofessional handling" of animals.

"Why would they put the lions and tigers together and let them roam in the same area?" one asked.

A second commented: "The animals are not well-fed in the park, they wouldn't attack the tiger otherwise."

"The kids on the bus must be terrified," a third added.

Earlier this month, a bloodthirsty monkey was filmed bashing a rat and "drowning" it in water in front of stunned tourists.

Ms Dong, who shared the fotoage online, said: "I have seen the rats before and I was thought that they weren't disturbing the monkeys, and I certainly didn't expect it to be beaten.

"I guess they were not impressed at the rat stealing their food."


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