Body language expert says Prince Harry gave ‘three clear signals’ after eviction

Prince Harry showed three tell-tale signs of distress following the news of his eviction from Frogmore Cottage, a body language expert claims.

The not-so-royal couple were spotted on Wednesday getting out of a car at the highly secretive social club San Vicente Bungalows in Los Angeles, where membership costs at least £3,500 a year

According to body language expert Judi James, while Harry and Meghan Markle appeared to be "shrugging" off the Palace-dealt blow, it instead came across as a "deliberate projection", adding that it looked "very much like a performance".

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Judi told the Mirror: "He has three signals that suggest a desire to hide: his jacket collar is turned up; he hikes his pants and fiddles with his clothing and, eventually, he shoves his left hand so hard into his jeans pockets that the knuckles turn white.

Meghan's face, meanwhile, appeared to be downplaying the actual emotions she was feeling.

“Meghan’s underlying signals suggest she has gone into 'vulnerable' mode, while Harry's are all about underlying tension”, she added.

“She seems to be smiling at the pavement here, and it doesn’t have the kind of crinkling and narrowing effect on her eyes, which it would if it were more authentic”, she said.

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Both of their smiles appeared to be "over-kill rituals" instead of actual grins of joy, Judi claimed.

“It can be a tough enough call when your parents re-decorate your bedroom after you first leave home, so an eviction notice has got to sting no matter how rich, famous and grown-up you are”,

The shocking news was reportedly a surprise to Harry and Meghan, who were said to be shocked by the King’s decision to evict them and allow disgraced Prince Andrew to stay instead.

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Omid Scobie, the author of the unofficial biography, “Harry and Meghan Finding Freedom”, said the couple was told the 200-year-old property was needed for "someone else" at a time when the couples’ relationship with the rest of the firm was at "an all-time low".

"It's news, sources tell me, that has left Harry and Meghan stunned, and at least two members of the Royal Family 'appalled'”, he wrote for Yahoo.

Harry and Meghan have reportedly been given until the summer, just after King Charles III ’s coronation, to remove their belongings after they were first told they would have just two weeks to leave.

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