Bombshell Prince Andrew photo so embarrassing ‘public would drop cornflakes’

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A photographer claims to have taken a "jaw-dropping" picture of Prince Andrew that is so shocking it would "shake the monarchy" if it was ever made public.

Photographer Mark Harrison was working for the BBC when the disgraced prince gave that spectacular car crash interview on Newsnight back in 2019.

While Harrison has refused to give any context to the picture, he has been clear about its potential for devastation, reports MailOnline.

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Mr Harrison said: "It has been seen by only a few people but it would be a big deal for the Royal Family. There is a lot more from that day that is not yet in the public domain."

While the photograph has only been seen by a few people, a Newsnight source who has seen the picture said it would be "so shocking, especially if it is decontextualized" if it became public.

The source told MailOnline: "Our jaws dropped to the floor when we saw it. It would cause Andrew much embarrassment – and imagine how high the bar has to be to cause him embarrassment after everything that has happened.

"It's the kind of thing which would make the public drop their cornflakes. It is definitely not what Andrew would want out there and apparently, he insisted that it remained secret. It was not one of the shots the BBC released."

Prince Andrew was removed from public royal life and stripped of his titles and accolades as result of his entanglement with Jeffery Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell.

The prince was accused by Virginia Giuffre of being forced to have sex with the prince when she was 17.

Andrew paid Ms Giuffre £12m after a civil action sex abuse case was settled outside court in February this year.

The settlement was not an admission of guilt and Prince Andrew denies the allegations against him.

While Harrison is remaining tight-lipped about the picture at the moment, the photograph might be made public as part of an upcoming film, the Newsnight source said.

Called Scoop and due to start filming in November, the film is based on a book by ex-Newsnight producer Sam McAlister and looks at how the BBC secured some of its landmark interviews – including Prince Andrew's shockwave interview at Buckingham Palace.

The source told DailyMail: "There is, of course, a chance that it will at some point come out for all to see, perhaps if the price is right."

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