Book by serial killer Dennis Nilsen to be released – with ‘drawings of corpses’

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A gruesome autobiography by serial killer Dennis Nilsen is set to be released 17 years after it was banned from publication.

The monster killed 12 men and boys and tried to murder seven others ­between 1978 and 1983.

Nilsen strangled his victims before chopping up their bodies and keeping the remains at his home.

The Home Office outlawed the ­printing of his book, The History Of A Drowning Boy, while he was alive but his friend will now publish it.

It comes as David Tennant will play Nilsen, who died in 2018, in a three-part ITV drama about the sicko.

The book is said to be packed full of pornographic drawings of dead bodies.

Its introduction reads: “I have spent almost nine years in a climate of long and detailed introspection, without counselling or therapy of any positive kind.

“Therefore it has fallen to me to probe the secret recesses of my ­personality in the hope that I may ­understand the engine of my actions and effect solutions to problems in a non-destructive way.”

In a letter sent from prison, Nilsen wrote that his memoir would “make no attempt to ‘pretty-up’ my history. It was what it was”.

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The blurb states: “This important work provides an extraordinary journey through the life of a remarkable and ­inadequate man.”

It details the “motives behind the murders and delivers a clear understanding of how such horrific events could have happened, tracing the origins back to early childhood”.

And it will give an insight into Nilsen’s 35 years inside ­maximum-security prisons where he mingled with many other notorious criminals.

The £9.99 book is out on February 25 and can be pre-ordered.

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