Boozed-up Brummies get a bit too into the Christmas spirits and look worse for wear as party season kicks off – The Sun

BOOZED-up revellers looked worse for wear last night as they kicked off the Christmas party season.

Bloodied and battered Brummies staggered through the streets, as they made merry on the first December Friday night out.

One man sat with a bandage wrapped around his bleeding head, while a weary woman in a Santa hat plonked herself on the floor.

Cops and paramedics were out in force too, tending to the wobbly and wounded as the city was flooded with party-goers.

Many people were out in Christmas jumpers and other festive outfits, as most of the nightclubs started the weekend with themed nights.

Freezing temperatures did nothing to dampen spirits, as men and women donned their finest party outfits and ignored the chill.

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