Boris Johnson defended over Ukraine visit amid Kyiv walkabout backlash ‘Not a PR stunt’

Boris Johnson: Trip to Kyiv is 'admirable' says O'Neill

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In light of the criticism emerged over PM Boris Johnson’s visit to President Zelensky in Kyiv on April 10, political writer Brendan O’Neill defends Boris Johnson, as what he did is very “admirable” and “shows British solidarity with the Ukrainian people”.

Speaking with Sky News Australia, Mr O’Neill said: “I think what [Boris Johnson] did is very admirable”.

“Going to Kyiv at this time is a very good thing to do”.

He also added: “It shows British solidarity with the Ukrainian people as they fight against the Russian aggressor”.

“I think it was pretty brave”.

Referring to the criticism PM Boris Johnson has received over his decision to visit President Zelensky in Kyiv, Mr O’Neill firmly reiterated: “There has been a lot of criticism and sneering here in the UK”.

He clarified: “This happened especially among the chattering classes and the liberal media and the remainer elites and the people who hate Boris because he got Brexit done”.

“There is a lot of sneering saying ‘well he went to a safe city, it was just a PR stunt, he was just walking through the streets”, added Mr O’Neill referring to images that show PM Boris Johnson walking with President Zelensky down the streets of the Ukrainian capital Kyiv.

He firmly reiterated: “It really demonstrates how much these people are down on their country”.

“How much they are down on the United Kingdom that they would even sneer at something like this”, he also added.

Mr O’Neill continued: “However I think most people can see this was a welcome gesture of solidarity between Britain and Ukraine”.

“Two countries that have a shared interest in defending sovereignty against external actors”, added Mr O’Neill.

Speaking with Sky News Australia, he concluded: “I think he did something very good”.

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Despite the sanctions already imposed on Russia and the military and humanitarian aids sent by the UK to Ukraine, PM Boris Johnson also said further military support would be sent to Ukraine in the next days.

Besides PM Boris Johnson, also Austria Chancellor Karl Nehammer visited President Zelensky on Saturday April 9.

The Austrian Chancellor will be also meeting Putin in Moscow today.

“[Austria] is military neutral, but has a clear position on the Russian war of aggression against Ukraine”, stated the Australian Chancellor Karl Nehammer referring to his decision to visit Putin in Moscow.

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