Boy, 5, and girl, 7, save mum’s life telling 999 operator ‘mummy’s dead’

Two young children came within a whisker of growing up without their loving mum to look after them – if it hadn't been for their "amazing" quick thinking.

Rebecca Holford was rescued by brave daughter Neve, aged seven, and son Billy, five, after she fell down the stairs and knocked herself out.

She says she can't remember falling – but woke to see a paramedic in her home, The Mirror reports.

Neve found her phone and calmly called 999, while anxious Billy – who fetched her a blanket as she lay unconscious – was saying: "My mummy is dead."

Ambulance service chiefs have heaped praise on the children, describing Neve as "very brave".

Rebecca, 34, told The Mirror: "I'm so proud of them. They're amazing, both of them."

She said she remembers going upstairs at her home in Eccleshall, Staffordshire, on Thursday morning, but after that everything went blank – and she estimates she was out cold for half an hour.

"Neve told the operator, 'I need help for my mummy, she needs help, she's not awake," Rebecca said.

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"She said, 'mummy's fallen and I can't wake her up'."

"Billy went to get a blanket, he's a very caring little boy," said Rebecca.

"It's lucky they were there, I don't know what would have happened or how long I'd have been there otherwise."

She said it highlights the value of being prepared and said paramedics were full of praise for Neve and Billy for their incredible response to the crisis.

"He said 'your kids have done amazingly'," she said.

"I was crying, I was just so happy with them. I just want parents to understand what a difference it makes when they know what to do."

On the morning it happened, Rebecca said she had been feeling unwell, and her head was pounding.

She believes the fall was caused by an inner ear infection, for which she was given antibiotics, and she suffered a concussion after banging her head.

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After she returned home from hospital in Stoke that evening, she spent the day cuddled up to her children, watching films.

"They're ok in themselves, they're super proud of what they've done."

She is now hopeful that Neve and Billy will be given a commendation by West Midlands Ambulance Service.

An ambulance service spokeswoman told The Mirror: "We received a 999 call from a very brave little girl at around 11.30am on Thursday, May 27, reporting her mum had fallen down the stairs.

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"During the call the girl was able to provide the call assessor with her address, explained what had happened and that she had a little brother in the house with her.

"An ambulance and a community first responder attended the address and conveyed her mum to hospital for further treatment.

"We’d like to say a very big well done to the little girl for her quick thinking to help her mum! We would encourage parents and guardians to teach your children about 999 using our educational campaign called Little Lifesaver."

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