Brazen Covidiot asks police 'are you going to fine me for this?' during raid on illegal gathering

THIS is the moment a brazen Covidiot asks cops if they are going to fine her during a raid on an illegal party.

Body-cam footage shows a large group from three different households inside a house in Rhymney, Wales.

Cops entered the home and stopped the party, before a woman asked: "Are you going to fine me for this?"

The woman then says she will refuse to pay any fines, and that cops needed a warrant to enter the house.

She also claimed everyone at the party was part of one bubble – but lockdown rules state that only someone living alone can create a support bubble with one other household.

The officer tried to reason with the group but they continue to shout over him.

He then says that a fine will be sent to the house.

Gwent Police fined 54 people for breaking lockdown rules last weekend, stopping a number of house parties.

Gwent Police chief superintendent Mark Hobrough said: "Alert level four restrictions are still in place in Wales which means that people should remain in their own household and only travel when necessary.

"House parties and any mixing of households, both indoors and outdoors, is prohibited by Welsh Government regulations.

"Organising parties and gatherings is dangerous, selfish, and is totally unacceptable in light of the current threat we face."


Ch Supt Hobrough said people were putting their loved ones at risk by holding house parties.

"For those who blatantly go against the restrictions we will take enforcement action," he said.

"Coronavirus levels remain high across much of Gwent and by following Welsh Government advice we’re all saving lives and protecting the NHS."

Meanwhile, Health Secretary Matt Hancock has warned we still have a "long, long way to go" before lockdown ends.

He said this morning that the NHS remains under "enormous" pressure as cases continue to soar and fears mount over newly-emerging mutant Covid strains.

He said cases are nowhere near low enough to see an end to the Draconian lockdown measures.

Mr Hancock said: "There is early evidence that the lockdown is starting to bring cases down.

"But we're a long, long, long way from being low enough because the case rate was incredibly high."

He added: "You can see the pressure on the NHS, you can see it every day.

"The NHS are doing an amazing job in incredibly difficult circumstances and so we, I am confident in the measures that we've got in place now.

"What really matters is that everybody follows them and the reason for that is not just the death toll each day which is far too high but also because the pressure on the NHS – including from people who thankfully come out of hospital alive – the pressure on the NHS is enormous and that has knock-on consequences for people who suffer from all other illnesses.

"So it is very, very important that we continue to follow the rules, that's at the core of it even whilst we do everything we can to support the NHS through this."

Cases and deaths yesterday continued to soar as a mutant strain ravages the UK.

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