Brazilian soccer coach remains defiant after headbutting female ref

Soccer coach fired from Brazilian professional team remains defiant after headbutting female referee during match: Says she’s ‘taking advantage of the situation because she is a woman’

  • Rafael Soriano was fired as coach of Brazilian professional soccer club Desportiva Ferrovíaria after he headbutted line judge Marcielly Netto
  • The incident occurred at halftime of the Campeonato Capixava quarterfinals match against Nova Venécia FC
  • Soriano was arguing at halftime when he was assessed a yellow card and then charged at Netto and struck her nose with his forehead
  • Soriano was relieved of his duties after the match ended, a 3-1 loss  for Desportiva Ferrovíaria
  • He has been suspended for 30 days pending a full investigation 

A Brazilian soccer coach defiantly defended his actions after he was shown on camera attacking a female line judge on Sunday.

Desportiva Ferrovíaria coach Rafael Soriano charged into the pitch and headbutted the line judge, Marcielly Netto, during the Campeonato Capixava quarterfinals match against cat Zenor Pedro Rocha Stadium in Espírito Santo, Brazil.

Soriano was on the field arguing a previous play when he was assessed a yellow card, just as the first half expired.

The irate coach pointed in disgust at the male referee as some of the other officials stepped in to intervene.

Soriano subsequently walked up towards Netto and lunged forward, striking her in the nose.

Rafael Soriano was fired by Brazilian soccer club Desportiva Ferroviária on Sunday after he headbutted female referee Marcielly Netto during the quarterfinals match against Nova Venécia. Soriano accused Netto of ‘wanting to take advantage because she’s a woman’ as part of the process to file charges

Marcielly Netto, a soccer line judge in Brazil, was attacked by Desportiva Ferroviária coach Rafael Soriano on Sunday after one of his players was assessed a yellow card

Rafael Soriano (white shirt) exchanges words with line judge Marcielly Netto (holding the flag) before he lunged forward and headbutted her in the nose

He was red carded and tossed from the game.

Soriano was interviewed after the game and accused Netto of using her gender to support the assault claim.

‘If you say I attacked you, we’ll go to the police station. We’re going to file a crime (report). If not, I will sue you,’ he said in an interview with TV Educativa. ‘She’s saying that I assaulted her. Lie. She is using herself because she is a woman. She’s wanting to take advantage because she’s a woman. Gonzalo was cornered, she pushed the players and now she wants to say she was attacked. Lie.’

Brazilian soccer assistant referee Marcielly Netto was headbutted by the coach of Desportiva Ferroviária on Sunday

Marcielly Netto grabs her nose after she was headbutted by Rafael Soriano, who was fired as coach by Brazilian soccer club Desportiva Ferroviária

Desportiva Ferrovíaria fired Soriano following the 3-1 loss to Nova Venécia.

‘Desportiva Ferroviária informs the public that it repudiates any type of violence, whether physical, verbal, moral or emotional, especially against women,’ the club said in a statement. ‘We e sympathize with the assistant referee, Marcielly Netto, making us available for whatever is necessary.’

In addition, Soriano was suspended for 30 days by the Desportiva do Espírito Santo Court of Justice. reached out to Netto for comment.

Brazilian line judge Marcielly Netto was the victim of an attack during a Campeonato Capixaba quarterfinals match between Desportiva Ferroviária and Nova Venécia FC on Sunday

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