Brian Laundrie & Gabby Petito 'murder-suicide very likely because of domestic violence' & 3 other factors, experts says

POLICE have a strong case for a Brian Laundrie and Gabby Petito murder-suicide conclusion due to domestic violence and four other factors, an expert has exclusively told The Sun.

The skeletal remains of Laundrie, 23, were found in Myakkahatchee Creek Park in Florida on October 20 in a grassy stretch of land that had, for weeks before the discovery, been submerged in storm waters.

As reported, the bones were found weeks after he went missing from his parents' home – following the discovery of his fiance Gabby Petito's body near a campsite in Wyoming.

The FBI and North Point Police said Laundrie was the only person of interest in the case, after he went on a cross-country camping trip with the 22-year-old and returned with her van alone.

An autopsy revealed Gabby died by strangulation, but a report for Laundrie came back inconclusive, and his remains are now being analyzed further.

Dr. Erin Kimmerle, a forensic anthropologist based in South Florida, told The Sun exclusively: "There seems to be an overwhelming amount of evidence linking the two cases, including a history of domestic violence.

"Add to that witnesses who place them together, the well documented timeline, GPS data from their cars, and cell phone records.

"It seems there is a strong circumstantial case for a murder-suicide."

Discussing Laundrie's autopsy results, she said: "Time since death is estimated as the last time the person was seen alive.

"The question is, is the level of decomposition consistent with that time frame. And in this case, it is."

He was identified by his dental records after police found his remains, which Dr Kimmerle says can occur in any "John or Jane Doe case where dental records for the missing person are available."

"It's a quick and easy, yet very accurate, method to positively identify someone," she said.  

Dr Kimmerle added: "Authorities are going to want to know what exactly happened and the timeline the involvement of the parents.

"However, since both individuals are deceased in this case I think it will be ruled on fairly quickly and closed."

The search for the missing fugitive came to an end on October 21, 2021.

Following the discovery, the North Port Police Department released a statement from the medical examiner's office, saying a DNA analysis has not yet been performed on the remains found at the Carlton Reserve.

"The identity of the remains found at the Carlton Reserve on October 20th was confirmed by comparison to known dental records of Brian Laundrie," the statement read.

"No DNA analysis has yet been performed on the remains.

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"Samples will be submitted for DNA testing once the examination of the remains by the medical examiner's office is complete," the statement concluded.

Family attorney Steven Bertolino confirmed to the New York Post that the family will be opting to cremate their son's remains, which have been reduced to bones after days or even weeks of decay and exposure to weather and wildlife.

"No contact with LE [law enforcement] other than being informed of positive ID," Bertolino told the Post.

Laundrie's parents joined authorities in the hunt on Wednesday last week, only to find their son's belongings within minutes of walking in.

His dad Chris found a bag with his son's items inside, and an officer on the other side of the trail quickly discovered a backpack and notebook before locating his remains nearby.

Focus has turned to a notebook that Laundrie brought with him while camping which looks like it "may be salvageable", according to local authorities.

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