Brit policeman who ‘had close encounter with UFO’ set to become Hollywood hero

A British bobby whose life was wrecked after he confessed to a close encounter with a UFO is set to become a Hollywood hero.

Producer Michael Grais has signed a deal to turn former PC Alan Godfrey’s life story into a blockbuster movie.

The officer was branded 'Captain Kirk' by giggling colleagues, sidelined by embarrassed police chiefs and silenced by the security services after spotting a mysterious spinning craft as he answered a call-out to escaped cows near Todmorden, West Yorkshire, 41 years ago.

Ridiculed and snubbed he left the force four years later, developed a bottle of whiskey-a-day booze addiction and – after his marriage collapsed – ended up living penniless in a pal’s spare room.

After finding new love he penned a book about his out-of-this-world experience and is an icon to alien investigators worldwide.

Now 74 and happily re-married with three grandchildren he revels in his celebrity status driving a car with a `UFO’ number plate.

Michael, who co-wrote 1982 smash hit horror movie Poltergeist, plans to turn Alan’s book about his encounter Who Or What Were They? Into a film.

The Hollywood-based writer and producer said: "I met Alan and I totally believed him 110%. I did not feel there was a dishonest word coming out of his mouth.

"I’m not a UFO guy who sees conspiracies everywhere. I’m not part of that crew. I’ll start writing the script in the summer and approach film companies.

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"UFO stuff is very popular in the US because, for the first time, the Government has just admitted that they exist.’’

According to a recently published US Government report mysterious objects the Pentagon could not explain have appeared to military personnel and the existence of extraterrestrials could not be ruled out.

Alan was driving his Ford Escort panda car along Burnley Road at 5.15am on November 28, 1980 when he had his close encounter.

At first he thought it was a broken down bus until he inched closer driving at a crawl and saw a diamond-shaped object about 20ft wide and 14ft high literally hanging in the air about 5ft off the road’.

"It was spinning slowly and the leaves on the road underneath were spinning in the opposite direction,’’ he said.

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"It looked very real – real enough that if I’d got out of my car and thrown a brick at it, it would have made a clang."

Alan turned on his blue light and tried to call in the incident but neither his car nor personal radio would work.

"Then my policeman’s instincts kicked in and I decided to make a sketch, just as I would if I’d come across a road traffic accident, to show the positions of the vehicles involved," he said.

Following a 'brilliant, white, blinding flash’ the next thing he remembered was driving in the opposite direction back towards the police station having lost several minutes of time.

The object had vanished but the patch of road surface was bone dry.

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Five months earlier Alan had investigated the case of Polish miner Zigmund Adamski, 56, who vanished after nipping out to buy potatoes and was found dead in a coal yard 20 miles away in Todmorden wearing a suit but no shirt.

He had suffered burn marks on the crown of his roughly shorn head and another wound at the back of his neck.

"The oddest thing was that there was no coal dust or dirt on his body — he looked as though he’d simply lain down and died, on top of that pile of coal, having left no sign of how he got up there," said Alan.

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"His clothes, to me, suggested he’d been hastily redressed after death. But it was the look on his face that shocked me the most — I’ll never forget it. He looked like he’d been scared to death."

A week earlier three other policemen looking for a stolen motorbike nearby saw bright lights moving around in the sky.

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Even Alan does not know what he saw but 'it was a factual event – it was real,’ he said.

"Was it an alien craft I saw or was it of this Earth? I don’t know.

"To be honest it’s such a long time ago that it doesn’t matter to me whether people believe me or not. It happened."

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