Brit sobs when he sees wife again after surviving three days lost in forest

A British man managed to survive three days in the forest on just rainwater and foraging fruit.

Barry Weller had driven his motorcycle into the Thai forest but couldn't find his way back.

There were fears for his safety when a storm raged during the time he was missing, but he was discovered without any shoes and had scratches on his body.

The 74-year-old was eventually found by local residents on a mountain within the Khao Suan Kwang district on Friday.

Authorities were alerted and rescued him and took him down to meet his wife, Tawee Chaisaenrit, who was waiting to see him at the Dong Yen monastery.

After he hugged his relieved wife he told rescuers "thank you".

His wife, 49, became tearful as she thanked "everyone for their help".

The couple have been living at their home in the Ubon Rattana district for three years.

Ms Tawee said her husband enjoyed taking adventures in nature but always managed to return home before dark when he was out.

On Tuesday, September 1, he set out on his motorbike and told his wife he wanted to enjoy some time in the local rice fields and forests, writes Bangkok Post.

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However, this time he didn't make his way back like he usually did.

His wife had reported Mr Weller missing to the police later on that day and they began an urgent search and rescue mission.

Rescuers from two different districts began searching for him but only discovered his motorbike parked in a paddy field near Ban Nong Saeng that night.

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Mr Weller later explained he had left his bike and taken a walk up the mountain but couldn't remember the path back to it.

Somkuan Wiengkaew, one of the rescuers, says the Brit survived on just rainwater and fruits he had picked in the forest.

He was later taken to the hospital for an examination and would be allowed to go home once he was given a lookover.

It comes after a toddler was lost in a forest for three nights, despite bears and wolves living nearby.

Lyuda Kuzina, just one year old, survived the dense Russian forest after wandering away from her mother when playing in her garden.

A mass search with 500 volunteers and rescuers joined the mission in the hopes of finding the little girl – who was then found alive and well.

It's believed the warm temperatures inside the forest helped her stay alive.

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