Brit spy found dead in bag padlocked from outside ‘killed by Kremlin’ ex-MP says

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An ex-MP claimed the Kremlin is responsible for the death of a British spy whose remains were found in a padlocked bag.

Anglesey-born Gareth Williams was a member of GCHQ, the UK’s eavesdropping agency, but was on secondment to MI6 to investigate financial corruption involving Russia when his decomposing body was found in the bag in the bathroom of his London flat in 2010.

While his death was deemed "an unlawful killing by person or persons unknown", ex-Liberal Democrat MP Norman Baker and former KGB major Boris Karpichkov, who fled to Britain in 1998, claimed in the podcast Man in a Bag that the Kremlin is behind the slaying.

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“Find me, other than some sort of stooge in Scotland Yard, someone who can tell you with a straight face that Gareth Williams sent into his bathroom, shut the door, turned the lights off, put himself in a bag," Baker told WalesOnline.

“The idea that Gareth Williams had died alone was simply impossible. First of all his body was found in a holdall with the zip closed and padlocked from the outside, with a key lying under his body.

"My view on the evidence we’ve been able to accumulate and that has been made public is that it was probably the Russians who did so."

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The pair believe Williams was slaughtered because he was working to uncover money-laundering and corruption linked with Russia and was close to turfing out a mole in the UK security services.

"Gareth Williams was part of some team which investigated some illegal activities of certain very powerful individuals linked with the Kremlin, involving multi-billion money laundering operations," Karpichkov added.

Meanwhile, when asked how Williams may have met his end, the ex-KGB agent said: “It’s only my theory – I think he was poisoned – probably incapacitated, making him unable to move.”

Karpichkov, who had lived close to Williams in the swanky London neighbourhood of Pimlico, described how one day he saw the streets filled with Russian diplomatic cars.

"Was it a coincidence? I don’t think so," he added. "If the Russian security services feel that their sources are under threat, they will take any steps which are needed, including extra-judicial killing – they call it liquidation – without any hesitation."

This isn't the only time a mysterious death has been blamed on the Kremlin.

A number of prominent Russian businesspeople have died in a string of suspicious "suicides" in recent months after expressing opposition to Vladimir Putin's war in Ukraine.

Most recently, Russian Railways executive Pavel Pchelnikov, 52, was found with a gunshot wound on the balcony of his Moscow home shortly after posting seemingly happy holiday snaps with his family, prompting further investigation after the official cause of death – that he took his own life – raised eyebrows.

News outlet "We Can Explain" called him the latest member of a Russian suicide club, made up of senior managers and other executives, who have died since the war in Ukraine began.

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