Brit tourist, 21, who fell 60ft from Thai balcony has £76k raised to fly home

The family and friends of a British woman left unable to walk after falling off a hotel balcony while on holiday have raised enough money to bring her home.

Maddi Neale-Shankster was loving life on her three-week trip to the country with her partner when she fell from the second floor of her accommodation last week.

She suffered from a broken back, broken ribs which pierced her liver and two collapsed lungs after falling 60ft, on what has been described as a a very dodgy “low wooden bannister rail”.

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The mum of Coventry native-Maddi has now flown out to the country to be at her side, and has said that it was meant to be the “trip of a lifetime” for the young woman.

At the time of the accident, Karen explained: “The prognosis isn’t good as she has fractures to her spine and has needed drains to her chest to remove the blood and water which will be there for at least three days.

“There’s a chance she may never walk again – it’s devastating.”

The family were looking to raise £73,500 to bring her home using special medical equipment.

But they have smashed that target, with the total currently standing at £76,459 via fundraising website Go Fund Me.

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Karen explained: “This figure will cover all associated medical costs incurred as well as her journey back.

“We have already paid for her operations, treatments and medications up to date and will continue to do so but.

“Her lungs aren’t stable enough to fly without ICD drains on both sides, but to fly with drains requires a repatriation team to fly over with all necessary medical equipment and fly her home safely.

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“To fly without ICD drains the nurses have advised us we will not be able to fly home for one whole year – this is not an option, every single minute here is time taken away from her rehabilitation at home and chance to get the right help to encourage walking again.

“To put it in black and white – ICD drains require a whole medical team at a high cost but no ICD drains means we can’t fly home for 12 months.”

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