Brit who went to Ukraine says friends think he’ll die on his next ‘mystery trip’

A barmy Brit who travels to warzones for fun has revealed that he's leaving for a "mystery trip" to an undisclosed location, where his friends "think he'll die."

British student Miles Routledge, who was evacuated during the Taliban offensive and fall of Kabul, Afghanistan last year, said he is set to jet off on the excursion today, April 21.

The 22-year-old told his followers on Twitter last night: "Said goodbye to my closest friends before I fly out tomorrow. My last words to each was a slur filled insult."

The dark tourism fan added: "All my friends believe I'm going to die."

Routledge said he went to Kazakhstan during violent protests there in January to be "a lil goofy, be a little silly perhaps." He has since rebranded himself as a serious "adventurer" and calls himself an "independent war journalist."

The Birmingham native has teasted his so-called "big trip" for months now.

In a previous chat with the Daily Star, Routledge admitted he didn't feel completely safe in Kazakhstan after shoot-to-kill permissions given to Russian troops which arrived at the request of Putin-allied President Kassym-Jomart Tokayev, to quash protests.

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The country endured violent protests over a decrepit political system and dramatic energy price hikes, but on January 15, "Lord" Miles travelled there nonetheless using money raised from a crowd-funding platform.

"[I feel] not too safe. The Russians have zero tolerance and are highly trained. When I was in Afghanistan and South Sudan I knew the Taliban and African Forces were disorganised and ill-trained but these Russians are explicitly instructed to shoot to kill at any sign of trouble, they could do a great deal of harm if the orders from higher up changed," Miles said.

Routledge hit the headlines last August when he was branded "selfish" when he secured an escape from war torn Afghanistan on an evacuation flight to the United Arab Emirates.

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The physics student at Loughborough University admitted to visiting the country after googling "the most dangerous cities to visit".

Miles' stay was cut short by the Taliban seizing control of Afghanistan, and the student promptly left.

According to The Independent, one Facebook user posted: "Selfish actions, your seat on a plane home should have been given to an Afghan interpreter who now faces certain death."

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