British Airways cabin crew are 'not showing up' for flights to India

‘Scared’ British Airways cabin crew ‘have been failing to show up for flights to India’ amid concern over Covid surge

  • British Airways bosses have written to staff begging them not to stay off flights
  • The airline is still operating seven flights a week to four major cities in India 
  • An employee has spoken out to say: ‘Crew are scared of working on the flights.’

British Airways cabin crew have not been showing up for flights to India, amid fear they will catch Covid.

Night flights have been axed in a bid to get crew back on board and the airline’s bosses have had to write a letter to staff begging them to continue to fly.

India is currently ravaged with infections and has claimed more than 270,000 lives amid almost 2.7 million cases.

A letter to frontline staff from executives read: ‘If you do not feel comfortable operating these flights then please complete a form and you will be removed.’

British Airways cabin crew for flights to India are said to be too frightened to fly as the country is ravaged by millions of cases of Covid

An employee told the Sun on Sunday: ‘Crew are scared of working on the flights.’ 

The airline has had to reduce flights to the country since it was red-listed but is still currently operating seven flights a week to Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore and Hyderabad. 

British Airways have been contacted for comment. 

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