British GP, 42, shot dead his 28-year-old girlfriend at a hotel

‘Time to die’: British GP, 42, who fled to Cape Verde with ‘£400k of stolen NHS cash’ shot dead Hungarian lover, 28, before turning gun on himself and leaving suicide note with Bladerunner quote

  • Titus Bradley, 42, and Noemi Gergely died of single bullet wounds to the head 
  • Witnesses reported hearing the couple arguing at guest house where they died 
  • The couple fled the UK after the GP stole ‘£400,000 in NHS cash’ it is alleged
  • Police found note in GP’s passport containing Bladerunner quote ‘time to die’ 
  • Assistant coroner for Bournemouth Richard Middleton said GP died by suicide
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A British GP who fled to Cape Verde after allegedly stealing £400,000 in NHS cash shot dead his Hungarian lover before killing himself with the same gun, an inquest has heard.

Dr Titus Bradley, 42, and Noemi Gergely, 28, allegedly left Britain for the islands off the northwest coast of Africa in 2017 as Sussex police launched an investigation into claims he embezzled money from GP practices he ran in Hastings, East Sussex.

Their bodies were discovered by police at the Divin Art guest house on the island of Santo Antao after guests heard them arguing in their apartment, an inquest in Bournemouth heard. 

Officers found a note in the GP’s passport which contained the quote ‘time to die’ from the sci-fi movie Bladerunner. 

In the weeks before the murder-suicide, he confided in his mother that he had money troubles and had regretted leaving his first wife and two children years before. 

Titus Bradley (pictured), 42, and his lover Noemi Gergely, 28, allegedly left Britain for the Cape Verde in 2017

The bodies of Titus Bradley, 42, and Noemi Gergely, 28, were discovered by police at the Divin Art guest house on the island of Santo Antao

On the night of April 15 last year Dr Bradley and Miss Gergely, 27, were heard arguing at a guesthouse they were staying in on the island of Santa Antao.

Miss Gergely came out and told a receptionist that Dr Bradley had ‘struck her’ but then returned to their room.

Staff then heard ‘strange sounds’ from the room and when they went to check they found the bodies of the couple in the bathroom along with a 6.35mm pistol.

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The police investigation concluded Dr Bradley shot Hungarian Miss Gergley in the head before turning the handgun on himself.

Officers found a note in his passport which contained the quote from the sci-fi movie Bladerunner.

Richard Middleton, the assistant coroner for Bournemouth, said: ‘It is dated March 1 and starts with the phrase ‘Time to die’.

‘It makes reference to him having an automatic gun, apologises for mistakes he has made and makes reference to him knowing some day he would be caught.’ 

Dr Bradley used to live in Portesham, Dorset, worked as a GP in Weymouth and was a keen spear fisherman.

He was divorced when he died and had children with his ex-wife, the inquest heard.

Helder Bentub, manager of the guesthouse, previously described hearing the couple having a row. 

After the couple were found slumped on the bathroom floor, police were called.

‘The day of the shooting was no different from any others. They went out after breakfast to go walking and exploring and came back around 5pm.

‘The only difference that day was that there was a terrible argument.

‘They were in their room but we could hear shouting and the banging of doors and windows. 

His mother, Gail Seery, said in a written statement read out to the inquest her son had been running a game fishing trip business in Cape Verde and lived with Miss Gergley on a yacht on the island of Sao Vicente.  

She said that her son was a ‘high achiever,’ but overworked himself to the point that he battled with depression and suicidal thoughts. 

She also said he had been diagnosed with bipolar disorder and had mentioned suicide in the month leading up his death.

She said: ‘Shortly before he died he was in touch a great deal, he and Noemi were no longer a couple and he was strangely furious with her.

‘He messaged me a lot about suicide…in other shorter messages he said he’d had a great life and had done wonderful things but kept thinking about what he’d lost.

‘Money was a problem for him but Noemi seemed to be well off. He asked me for help.

She said that on the day the couple died her son had emailed her to say he was ‘feeling better about life’. 

‘I know he was angry at Noemi but I never thought he would be capable of shooting her. My son was mentally ill and it led to the end of his life, or so I believe.’ 

The British GP’s marriage broke down in 2012 as rumours circulated that he had cheated on 45-year-old Lucy with a colleague.

Dr Bradley met Hungarian Noemi when she was working in public relations for a club in London.

Crime scene: The supposed murder-suicide took place at the Divin Art guest house in Santo Antao in Cape Verde

Dr Titus Bradley and Noemi Gergely allegedly left Britain for the islands off the northwest coast of Africa in 2017 as Sussex police launched an investigation into claims he embezzled money

The MailOnline previously reported that the couple checked in after the money went missing from taxpayer-funded centres and died just two days after they checked in on April 15 2017.

One former employee claimed that staff were not paid properly for ‘a good few months’ in 2017.

Sussex police confirmed they launched an investigation into the missing money in May last year.

The inquest heard police found messages written in Dr Bradley’s passport which referred to suicide and him having a gun.

Mr Middleton said the messages suggested he knew ‘someday he would be caught’ and apologised for his ‘mistakes.’

Mr Middleton said that Dr Bradley died by suicide and offered condolences to his family. 

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