Butlin’s holiday horror – ‘faeces’ on mattress and schoolgirl ravaged by fleas

A mum was left distraught after she and her family endured a "horrendous" Butlin's getaway.

Former Newcastle hospice nurse Lisa Gray, 40, had planned to take a trip to the UK holiday giant's resort in Minehead, Somerset, with her daughters, Hannah, 10, and Sophie, 15.

But the family's excitement quickly turned to horror after they discovered what they believe was human faeces on their bedsheets and Hannah was left covered in bites, ChronicleLive reports.

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Lisa and her family arrived at the resort on July 7 for a three-night stay with a friend and their three children and things quickly turned sour.

"On Saturday morning when we woke up my daughter had a few bites, mainly on her legs," Lisa said.

"Straight away I thought it was bed bugs, so I stripped the bed off and that is when I saw human faeces. I contacted guest services and they put a brand new mattress in."

Lisa said the company also offered her a £35 "goodwill" voucher following the incidents.

"We carried on with the rest of the day and evening but Hannah couldn't enjoy the swimming pool because the bites were hurting her."

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Lisa said their group tried to forget the incident and carry on with their stay.

But by Sunday morning Hannah had been bitten even more with the wounds turning red and blistering.

The horror wounds even appeared on her face.

"The amount of bites had absolutely doubled on her and I couldn't understand it," Lisa added.

"That's when we started looking around the two rooms which were next to each other because we went with friends. That's when I saw fleas on the sofa and they were just jumping all over the place."

The distraught mum-of-two had the group leave their rooms and called guest services, who offered Lisa an alternative place to stay.

But at that point she decided she'd had enough and asked for her money back before leaving early.

Lisa said the group of seven paid £667 for their break including accommodation and food, but she was initially offered a refund of just £64.

The Somerset-based parent quickly became embroiled in a back-and-forth over email and the phone before Butlin's finally offered to refund her the price of her accommodation, not the full holiday cost.

"I received an email saying that everything was done correctly and said that because I chose to leave the site early and if you do so the terms and conditions state we are not entitled to a [full] refund," Lisa said.

Meanwhile Hannah was reportedly forced to take a week off school and was treated by a doctor for her bites.

"The doctor couldn't believe that it had happened, how it had happened and the severity of the bites in two days," Lisa said.

"The bed and sofa were pickled in them. There were even dead fleas in the fridge."

Lisa said she has now been offered a full refund after contacting the media about her experience.

Butlin's apologised for the group's experience and said the room has now been fully fumigated.

A Butlin's spokesman said: "We’re really sorry for the experience that Lisa and her family had on their recent break. This certainly isn’t the high standards we expect our guests to receive when they holiday with us.

"As soon as we were made aware we changed the mattress, offered alternative accommodation, and can confirm the room has been fully fumigated since the family’s departure.

"We’ve been in contact with Lisa to apologise and have offered a gesture of goodwill, which she has accepted."

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