Cackling Russian TV hosts suggest firing Satan nuke at NY to kill 3m people

HEARTLESS Russian state TV hosts laughed at the prospect of killing as many as three million people as they suggested firing a Satan 2 nuke at New York City.

The Kremlin propagandists giggled uncontrollably as they discussed nuclear strikes against the United States – days after they outrageously claimed that WW3 had begun.

In the chilling footage, hosts joked about attacks their “so-called partners” claiming that “Americans have always feared our heavy rockets.”

They swiftly cited the potential effects of Putin’s unstoppable "Satan 2" hypersonic missile, which was reportedly launched earlier this week.

The killer 16,000mph Sarmat rocket is believed to be able to carry between 10 and 15 warheads – allows it to drop multiple nukes on an area in a single strike.

A full total payload – estimated to be 7.5 megatons – would pulverise any region as just one of them contains 30times the explosive power of the Hiroshima bomb.

According to nuclear bomb simulator Nuke Map, a devastating nuclear blast hitting the surface of central New York City would kill more than 3.1million people and injure nearly as many.

However, in reality the Satan 2 would fire individual warheads from a height of 2 miles, potentially blanketing a vast area that could stretch across the US north-eastern seaboard.

If those warheads each hit a densely populated area, the casualties could be in the several tens of millions.

It came as expert Dr Paul Craig Roberts claimed that "five or six" of the Russian missiles could wipe out the entire US east coast.

It is thought that President Joe Biden has a so-called Tiger team which would decide how the US would respond in the event that Putin-backed forces resort to chemical or nuclear weapons in Ukraine.

Biden reportedly fears that such a use of force was “very real threat” after Kremlin spokesperson Dmitry Peskov refused to rule out using nuclear weapons if Moscow faced an “existential threat.”

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Speaking to reporters after meeting with the European Union, G-7 partners, and NATO allies last month, Biden said that NATO would respond “in kind” if Russia uses weapons of mass destruction in Ukraine.

“We will respond if he uses it,” Biden said, referring to Putin.

“The nature of the response depends on the nature of the use.”

Russia first announced it testing of its currently fevaoured nuclear weapon in October 2017.

At the time, it was heralded as the most powerful and deadly atomic warhead on the planet.

Makeyev Rocket Design Bureau, the missile manufacturer, said it was "created in order to secure an effective nuclear deterrent of Russia's strategic forces".

Built with new guidance technology capable of circumterrestrial navigation, the weapons are also able to strike from unexpected directions in most areas of the world.

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Sputnik previously reported that an RS-28 rocket is "capable of wiping out parts of the Earth the size of France or Texas".

On that basis, it has been reported that the weapon could "wipe out an area the size of England and Wales twice over".

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