Captain Sir Tom’s family hid online abuse as it ‘would have broken his heart’

Captain Sir Tom Moore's loving family hid social media trolling the NHS hero received online, his daughter Hannah has revealed.

The 100-year-old captured the hearts of the nation with his fundraising efforts during the first Covid lockdown that earned him a knighthood by the Queen.

He raised more than £32million for the NHS after doing laps of his garden, despite setting out to raise £1,000.

A foundation was set up on behalf of the Second World War veteran and several social media pages, including Facebook, Instagram and Twitter followed.

Captain Sir Tom received an overwhelming amount of positive comments online but sadly he was also subjected to online hate that would have "broken his heart".

His daughter, Hannah Ingram-Moore, said the family kept the "vile minority" from him as it was hard for the family to understand how the hero's efforts could "attract such horror".

Ms Ingram-Moore told BBC Breakfast: "It would have broken his heart, honestly, if we'd said to him people are hating us.

"Because how do you rationalise to a 100-year-old man that something so incredibly good can attract such horror.

"So we contained it within the four of us and we said we wouldn't play to… that vile minority. We wouldn't play to them, we're not, because we are talking to the massive majority of people who we connect with."

The revelation comes after police said a 35-year-old man had been charged over an alleged offensive tweet about Captain Sir Tom.

Hannah also went into detail about her last conversation with her father and their last real conversation was "positive" and about "carrying on".

She said the family "really all believed he'd come back out" of hospital and added that they thought he would be "robust enough" to handle coronavirus.

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The truth, Captain Sir Tom's daughter said, was that he "just couldn't fight it" and added that the family are glad they manage to give him his final Barbados wish just before Christmas.

Ms Ingram-Moore described the trip as "amazing".

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