Cartel victim’s remains found in three locations with warning to El Chapo’s sons

A Mexican drug cartel chopped up their victim and spread his remains in bags in three different locations across a city, in a grave warning to El Chapo's sons.

Municipal police, state police and the military all responded to the gruesome discoveries in Caborca, in the Mexican state of Sonora, at around 1pm on Tuesday (August 30).

The third bag of remains was found in a rubbish bin close to a primary school, according to Borderland Beat.

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Officers from Sonora's Attorney General's office collected the remains. They will now attempt to identify the dismembered victim.

The second bag was found alongside a narco message containing a chilling warning for a rival cartel.

It was addressed from Rodrigo Paez Quintero ('El R'), Adelmo Nuñez ('Lemo') and Jose Gil Caro ('El Pelo Chino'), leaders within the Caborca Cartel.

The gang's former leader, veteran drug lord Rafael Caro Quintero (and uncle to El R), was arrested in July this year.

A translation of the note by Borderland Beat reads: "This goes for falcons drug pushers of La Ch[pizza emoji].

"Carborca has an owner, Rodrigo Paez 'El R' and Lemo Nuñez at your service."

"La Ch[pizza emoji]" refers to La Chapiza, supporters of Los Chapitos – the sons of the infamous former Sinaloa Cartel boss El Chapo.

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Some of El Chapo's sons still control a faction of the Sinaloa Cartel – considered to be Mexico's largest drug trafficking organisation – following the drug lord's arrest in 2016.

The Caborca Cartel have been locked in a bloody turf war with Los Chapitos for some time now, with both vying for control of Sonora.

The conflict only seemed to get more violent following Quintero's arrest in July, after which 28 people were killed in just four days.


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