Cash Gernon's dad Trevor cries as he apologizes for leaving his twin boys while he 'skipped town due to legal problems'

CASH Gernon's grieving dad Trevor broke down in tears as he apologized for leaving his sons while he reportedly left town due to "legal problems".

The four-year-old tot was found dead in Dallas, Texas on May 15 after alleged suspect Darriynn Brown, 18, snatched him.

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Monica Sherrod was watching four-year-old twins Cash and Carter when he was allegedly kidnapped.

Trevor apologized for leaving his twins while he skipped town due to "legal problems", according to The Daily Beast.

The dad said that he and Sherrod had been "brought together" as both were single parents and he frequently asked her for advice.

Trevor thought it was in his kids' "best interests" to remain with her so their routines would not be "disrupted".

He said: "This choice I made with the best of intentions has resulted in the most horrific outcome.

"I have paid the most ultimate and painful of price for my poor judgment and I have to live with this devastation every single day.

"I will never forgive myself. If I could, I'd go back and do everything different. This is a nightmare that doesn't go away when I open my eyes up in the morning."

Trevor, who is emotional in the video, apologized and said he "failed" in his job as a dad to protect Cash.

He said: To make matters worse, I have to fear for my freedom, as it is the goal of some to see me go to jail rather than grieve the loss of my little boy.

"All I want to do is have that one thing every parent deserves: to say goodbye and be with my son one last time before I return him home."

It comes after Sherrod reportedly warned Brown "not to come around my kids" just days before the four-year-old was allegedly kidnapped.

She told a reporter: "I told him 'Don’t come back around my kids.' "I was out grocery shopping when he was here. I’d left the twins with my boys and daughter."

Sherrod told the Daily Mail last week: "I loved those boys. They were not even my biological boys. I brought them into my home. I had made this room for them."

"I haven’t touched a thing," the mom said while mere feet away from Cash's white bed, which, along with his brother's, was "unmade."

After watching the chilling footage reportedly showing Brown barge into the boys' room and abduct Cash, Sherrod said she's reliving the trauma.

She said: "It’s breaking my heart, but I know I have to confront this."

Cops found Cash's body dumped in a neighborhood before they arrested Brown in connection with tot's murder.

Cops said he had suffered multiple wounds from an "edged weapon".

Authorities charged Brown with kidnapping and theft.


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