Chicago police release video linked to battery charge against police officer

Activists say Chicago police used controversial crowd-control method during weekend protests

Protesters accuse cops of ‘kettling’; Garrett Tenney has the details.

The Chicago Police Department released surveillance footage it said showed the “initial incident” that prompted a violent clash with police in the city’s Loop over the weekend.


David Brown, the city’s top cop, told reporters that the video is a good example of what happens and how these agitators blend in the peaceful protesters to create chaos. reported that the clash resulted in a police officer being struck by a skateboard and 24 arrests. The report said 17 officers were treated for minor injuries.

James A. Gagliano, a law enforcement analyst for CNN, retweeted the video from police and pointed out “just how coordinated the Leftist insurrectionists and anarchists are and highlights how many “peaceful protesters” provide cover for their vanguard’s planned, targeted,  violent attacks on the police.”

Some protesters there accused the police of instigating the clash.

NBC Chicago reported that Jeremy Johnson, 25, was charged with felony aggravated battery after allegedly attacking the police officer with the skateboard. The report said the officer was wearing a helmet and suffered minor injuries.

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