China’s crackdown on Islam: Millions of Muslims secretly spied on in ‘anti-terror’ moves

Chillingly those who fall foul of Beijing-specified social norms can be sent to detention camps.

More than 1 MILLION residents are already in detention centres.

Human rights concerns in China are ignored as Muslim internet use, spending, phone habits and even petrol consumption are routinely monitored by the authorities.

Experts at international watchdog Human Rights Watch have said the situation is especially severe in the far western provinces of China and they have decoded an app which reveals the staggering extent on the state surveillance in Xinjiang province.

The wide-reaching app covers electricity and internet use and can even raise the alarm when someone other than the registered keeper fills up a car at a petrol station.

The Government in Beijing says the moves are necessary to combat Islamic terrorism in the Muslim majority province which is home to 13 million Islamist Uighurs.

Senior China researcher Human Rights Watch Maya Wang said: “Our research shows for the first time that Xinjiang police are using illegally-gathered information about people’s completely lawful behaviour and using it against them

“The Chinese government is monitoring every aspect of people’s lives in Xinjiang, picking out those it mistrusts and subjecting them to extra scrutiny.”

Defending the crackdown Xinjiang officials said the region had been free of violence for more than two years.

Human Rights Watch said field workers had decoded a mobile app used by officials to connect to a police program which ‘red flags’ people deemed to have acted outside social norms.

GPS tracking is mandatory in all cars in China.

Ms Wang said: “It’s a wake-up call not just about China but about every one of us.”

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