Chopped up carcass of rotting sea creature sparks outrage in quiet seaside town

A grim photo showing the hacked carcass of huge stingray dumped on a popular beach has triggered fury amongst locals who are demanding answers to the mystery that surrounds the corpse.

Shocking snaps showing the slaughtered animal ditched with its fins sliced off in the South Australian seaside town of Beachport were posted to a local Facebook group.

The fuming local who made the gruesome discovery wrote: “I'm pretty sure this is illegal to do at the beach.

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“Not something I want to see on a leisurely beach walk.”

Residents who live in the town, which is located 311 kilometres south-east of the state capital of Adelaide, flocked to express their fury over the picture and the post drew dozens of comments.

One person argued it was a “disrespectful way to treat a living thing” and added: “If you aren’t going to eat it, don’t kill it.”

Whilst a second added: “What a sad shame. Didn't know someone was that hungry they'd do that to such a majestic peaceful creature.”

Others claimed it could have washed up already dead, with some people even speculating that it was actually a shark that had been de-finned.

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But South East Amateur Surf Fishing Club president Graeme Ploenges quickly rubbished those claims and toldMount Gambier Newsit was a “stingray with the wings cut off”.

He added: “Not cruel if killed first, no different to cutting up a sheep after slitting its throat.

“It's not a shark and would have been caught off the beach, shark finning is done by people from countries to the north of us who only want the fins, it's cruel and stupid.

“While we cut the fins off sharks, it's after they are bled and we keep the meat and throw the fins away.”

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